Team Sleuth. Shit got real.

Team Sleuth refers to a group of characters in Problem Sleuth. Basically, it refers to the good guys.

At first the only member was Problem Sleuth himself. Eventually he teamed up with his rivals Ace Dick and Pickle Inspector to defeat some hideous Beasts in the Imaginary City Streets. Later things got even wackier as Ace Dick and Pickle Inspector started dividing and time traveling and re-arranging game states and who knows what else.

The ultimate goal of Team Sleuth is to defeat Mobster Kingpin, get their hands on the Megaton Key and escape their office building.

Team Sleuth is predisposed to posing when shit gets real. The realer the shit, the more dramatic the pose.

Members of Team Sleuth Edit

  • Problem Sleuth (PS) is the official leader of the team, thanks to his high Pulchritude stat.
  • Ace Dick (AD) is the brawn of the team, solving problems which require high Vim.
    • Fiesta Ace Dick (FAD) provides an even more ridiculous, and possibly infinite, amount of Vim.
    • Zombie Ace Dick (ZAD), the undead version of AD, is only good for biting things and absorbing preposterous amounts of damage.
  • Pickle Inspector (PI) is the tall, awkward, and highly imaginative member of the team.
    • PI literally has too many clones and variants and time-doubles to list on this page. Fortunately we have listed them on his page, so go crazy: PPI, FPI, PFPI, FFPI, and a whole gaggle of imaginary duplicates.

Extended Team Sleuth Edit

Many other characters have aided Team Sleuth during their adventures. It's hard to tell where membership in this exclusive and prestigious club begins and ends (at least until PS gets around to printing some Team Sleuth business cards), but here are some notable honorable mentions.


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