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Terezi's hive is located within a forest, at the top of one of the many gigantic blue and purple trees. She has hanged many Scalemates from the tree limbs as punishment for their crimes. She uses a pulley, with a net of Scalemates as the counterweight, as a lift to get herself into her respiteblock. The structure itself sports the typical grey exterior and 12 paned windows. The windows appear as a bright yellow from the outside. The tree is a color inversion of a regular Earth tree.

Hive Within The Medium[]


Terezi's house within the medium was expanded by Gamzee Makara, and it started to appear outside of the top of the tree at the beginning. In the future we see that Gamzee has extended the house like a large pillar that breaks through the planet's atmosphere and into the space of the incipisphere. He built the house far past where the other trolls have built, helping her get to Skaia. The structure was ultimately destroyed alongside Terezi's whole planet during Jack Noir's rampage.



Terezi's respiteblock is drenched in an explosion of color (aside from her walls and desk, which are grey). She has decorated her window(s) with patchwork curtains, and on the same wall she collects scales from colorful dragons (which she has a particular affection for). She surrounds herself in dragon plushies, referred to as 'Scalemates', one of which is stabbed with a dagger.

On her desk is an eggplant colored computer, which rests on a bright yellow tablecloth with green, powder pink, and turquoise patches. Her floors are covered with intricately patterned carpet/matting. Her door has colorful drapery similar to her curtains. Near the door is her walking cane/weapon and right beside the cane is some scattered chalk from a Crayola twelve pack. There are books on the floor laying askew, some stacked on top of each other. There are oodles of doodles on the wall where Terezi's door is, probably due to the fact that chalk is deliciousHS.svg.


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