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From the reader's point of view, Terezi's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where her Canon biography ended.


Shortly after John selects candy, Calliope makes one request for John to use his retcon powers: let poor gamzee oUt of the fridge, john. He begrudgingly complies, and zaps back into canon to bring Gamzee back to Earth C. John opens the fridge and Gamzee bursts out, expressing his regrets for how awfully he had treated his friends. He vows to begin a redemption arc, and Calliope and Roxy congratulate and embrace him, as John walks away. John contacts Terezi and surreptitiously takes a photo over his shoulder of the other three hugging, and John and Terezi vent about how much they dislike Gamzee and can't believe the situation occurring here. John asks about her search for Vriska in the Furthest Ring and expresses how everyone misses Terezi, but she's not ready to return. She signs off and implores John to be ready with 4 R3PORT OF 3X4CTLY ON3 PUNCH 1N TH3 CLOWN D1CK next time she contacts him. John smiles as he puts his phone away.

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Terezi appears in CHAPTER 4. The Contest.

She is in some sort of relationship with Rose Lalonde.

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Terezi appears in a selfie while flying outside the black hole searching for Vriska, asking "WH4TS H4LLOW33N".

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