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You are a simple bard invited to perform before a bored and grumpy king.

The Bard is a character in Bard Quest that you control. He appears to be a simplistic fellow, only equipped with his clothes, a hat, and a lute. The story begins with The Bard, presumably, you, in front of the king, ready to hear you play something, and the story carries on from there, depending on the path you have chosen.


The Bard appears to be somewhat rational, having enough common sense to know what works (Running away when stealing things) and what doesn't (Slaying dragons). True to a Bard's nature, he involves himself in a little bit of everything, stealing, lying, singing, dancing, violence, salesmanship, charisma, and an understandable obsession toward cods. The issue with The Bard is his environment. His continual suffering and several reasons why certain branches of the story end short is due to the situation being something completely unexpected. How The Bard managed to survive this long in the current world is rather peculiar itself. Some scenes indicate that being a Bard is a high-risk occupation, with the obscenely large number of Lutes laying about next to the Bard-A-Pult from what we could assume were previous Bards.

The Bard is a bit of a braggart and a tad obnoxious as he fails to see his own stature as a worthless sack of shit several times, and usually ends up on the receiving end of a Bard-A-Pult himself.

Abilities and Skills[]

The Bard is a master of silly dances.

The Bard has no known abilities or special talents to speak of other than the ability to do Lute Solos, and is more often than not just buffeted about on his journey to slay a dragon. He also has sweet silly dance skills with his cod piece.

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