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The Director (voiced by Aysha U. Farah) is the director of Pesterquest and the one who used MSPA Reader for her own purposes throughout the game.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

The Director has pink-purple skin and hair, contrasting the orange appearance of Andrew Hussie, with a similar mouthless face and blank white eyes. She wears a grey dress or shirt and skirt covered by a black coat pinned at her shoulder. Inverted, her colors also resemble those of Doc Scratch.

In Pesterquest[edit | edit source]

After being propelled into the Afterw@rd by a future Dirk, the player spots the Director at the end of a Felt Manor-like hallway, attempting to force a man into a room containing a scary wolf head [1] (possibly referencing or even leading to the situation Andrew Hussie finds himself in in HomestuckHS.svg).

The Director then approaches the player and states that the man won't bother us anymore. The player immediately recognizes her as the T-Posing (or "A-Posing") figure from the hallway encountered earlier, and accuses her of being the one controlling them throughout Pesterquest' (previously assuming it to have been Doc Scratch), to which she admits.

Ultimate Dirk appears and quarrels the Director until they both come to the agreement that the player needs to return the Sburb Beta to John Egbert, or else risk causing a time paradox more catastrophic than the Scratch; an event referred to as "a blackout."

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Director is the only character in the Homestuck universe to have an canon voice heard for more than five words.
  • While 'Andrew Hussie' is similar to the name of a troll, with two words made up of six characters, 'The Director' is similar to the name of many troll ancestors, the second word being made up of eight characters.
  • When MSPA Reader arrives in Felt Manor, Doc Scratch is nowhere to be seen and the clock in the main room has stopped ticking. This may imply that Lord English is already here.
  • Hussie pleads with the Director not to shove him in the closet with the wolf head, admitting that "Okay, yes. I agree that I need to take a break." This did not occur in Homestuck (or at least was not shown) and it is unclear as to why MSPA Reader's influence would prompt The Director to need Hussie to take a break.
    • Then again, MSPA Reader was only there because of The Director's initial influence, so it is likely that she may have had other plans not directly involving MSPA Reader.
  • The fact that Doc Scratch was not responsible for anything in Pesterquest is foreshadowed in Vriska's route, when Scratch tells MSPA Reader (after being asked if he was doing this) that he had no idea what they were referring to. Doc Scratch never lies, so this implies that he is genuinely innocent (relatively).

References[edit | edit source]

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