Candy, Epilogue Five is the fifth epilogue in the Candy narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 22 to 26 of the Candy route.

Synopsis Edit

  • Three years later, John is messaged by Terezi at his son’s birthday party. A few weeks later, ghosts start raining onto Earth C out of the sky. Jane is a key political influencer, Karkat goes off the grid and joins the troll revolution against the bucktoothed heiress. Gamzee starts holding make-out baptisms. The government starts flying drone ships above the Troll Kingdom. And John prints out Terezi’s new selfie.
  • John plans to kidnap Jane and Jake’s child, Tavros, to save him from a dysfunctional household, during Harry Anderson’s fifth birthday party. He certainly makes a good try, but Jane finds out and tensions rise to an even worse point. John’s windy powers get the best of him, he scares everyone, and flies away.
  • Alt!Calliope meditates, viewing the interaction of timelines. John and Terezi, in such an instance of timeline interaction, bond with each other for the last time. Aradia and Sollux listen to Alt!Calliope bring up the Prince.
  • Revolutionary Karkat vents to Swifer, then Kanaya talks to him about the Mother Grub and the rebellion. Meenah arrives, from roughly after Meat 22, and joins Karkat’s army.
  • John witnesses his Dad’s car crash into the Earth, from roughly after Meat 33. It’s empty, except for remnants of shaving cream, tobacco, Terezi’s and someone else’s blood. John breaks down.
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