Candy, Epilogue Four is the fourth epilogue in the Candy narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 16 to 21 of the Candy route.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • As time passes, John messages Terezi. He tells her about his wedding– Jake and Jane are a Thing now, as are Jade Dave and Karkat– and about Roxy’s pregnancy. Later, they talk about Gamzee’s.. addition to the Jake and Jane relationship, and about Jade’s.. contributions to Dave and Karkat’s social dynamics.
  • Rose and Kanaya spend time with their adopted Vriska. Roxy and John are naming their child Harry Anderson. John freaks out a little over the ambiguity of what happened to Lord English. He messages Terezi again.
  • Jane, purportedly disengaged from politics, pontificates to Gamzee about equity. Gamzee pushes back, and the two end up in a concupiscent pitch encounter. Jake, in the same room, gets grossed out and takes his child Tavros out of there, calling Jade for emotional support.
  • Jade, Dave, and Karkat discuss their friends’ dysfunctional romances, skirting the topic of their own. And then a Jade falls out of the skyMeat.png.
  • They take the Jade to Jane, where everyone has met up. Jane cannot revive her, as she’s not exactly dead. Roxy proposes holding a funeral. The subject of politics comes up, and the trolls lash out at Jane’s fascist views.
  • At the alt!Jade’s funeral, Roxy gives a eulogy and Calliope gives symbolism until things are interrupted by the arrival of Aradia and Sollux. The funeral sort of resumes, until tensions boil over. Roxy goes into labour. The Jade corpse wakes up: alt!Calliope has chosen this vessel and risen to protect the world.
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