Candy, Epilogue Seven is the seventh epilogue in the Candy narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 29 to 38 of the Candy route.

Synopsis[edit | edit source]

  • Alt!Calliope announces the arrival of Lord English.
  • On Jane’s flying battleship, Jake informs her that her Dad has irreparably died from defending the president in a failed assassination attempt. Jane declares war on the trolls and kicks Gamzee off her ship after he points out her xenophobia.
  • John fills (Vriska) in on some Earth C events. Gamzee greets her, and suggests she needs moral redemption. Gamzee touches (Vriska)'s shoulders in the process, which makes (Vriska) furious.
  • (Vriska) beats the ever-loving shit out of Gamzee, only to find he loves it. They have a passionate hate-make-out in a bush. John, perturbed, gladly accepts the presence of Rose as a distraction.
  • Rose and her daughter Vriska greet John. Rose thanks him for choosing candy, sincerely, and says goodbye to him for probably the final time. John finds peace with that.
  • Vriska chats with Harry Anderson on the phone before discovering (Vriska) and Gamzee in their bush.
  • (Vriska) cannot believe what she just did, and Gamzee makes it worse by talking, so she murders him. Vriska witnessed it all and meets (Vriska).
  • John returns home to find Jake has run away with Tavros. Jake has a good honest talk with John about being good or bad people, and he has a joyful Hope outburst. John lets Jake and Tavros move in, and Jake motivates John to make amends with Roxy.
  • (Vriska) learns, from Vriska, about legacies as taught in Earth C history books. (Vriska) realizes that John actually is important and misses Terezi. Vriska reveals the she has stolen John’s phone, so (Vriska) sends Terezi a message.
  • John and Roxy make amends, ripping off some long-time emotional band-aids about choices, identity, and blame. Harry Anderson is happy to see his father again.

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