Candy, Epilogue Two is the second epilogue in the Candy narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 4 to 13 of the Candy route.

Synopsis Edit

  • Rose awakens in a hospital bed, Kanaya by her side. Rose feels better than she has in years. The two bond strongly again.
  • Jade, Dave, and Karkat riff over John’s increased socializing, hypocrisy, flirting, and Jane’s abandoned presidential campaign.
  • Jane visits Jake. The two bond over politics and a distant Dirk. They get drunk together, and Jake dodges a come-on.
  • John spends time with Roxy, Calliope, and Gamzee in a Carapacian city. Roxy invites John to a cafe for a sort-of date, whereupon Gamzee intrudes and offers to be John’s wingman.
  • In the troll brooding caverns, Rose and Kanaya discuss politics and troll reproduction. Swifer joins them to watch the miracle of a grub’s birth: the second coming of Vriska.
  • Jade coerces Dave and Karkat to go outside and have a date, which fails miserably.
  • On a proper date with Roxy, John seeks counsel from Terezi. Roxy tries to broach the topic of gender. Dave arrives in a Jade-induced panic, seeking counsel from John.
  • Dave talks to John about social philosophy and gayness. John fears he did not help with Dave’s problems.
  • Jake awakens from an alcoholic Trickster haze to find he has been having sex with Jane. Jake finds he would prefer profound abnegation over breaking Jane’s heart.
  • Dave now seeks counsel from Dirk at his workshop, but instead he finds a useless Gamzee, a female bot-in-progress, and an ominous note.

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