Meat, Epilogue Four is the fourth epilogue in the Meat narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 18 to 27 of the Meat route.

Synopsis Edit

  • John, drifting in the abyss, finds his Dad’s wallet.
  • Jade pitches the Karkat question to Roxy and Calliope. She learns of the two’s nonbinary identities, as does Dirk. They talk about gender. Jade collapses.
  • The other Jade plummets towards the black hole. Alt!Calliope makes her move.
  • Karkat and Dave watch the miracle of natural troll birth. Kanaya agrees with them about Jane. Kanaya finds out Rose is with Dirk.
  • John encounters Meenah in the abyss. She steals the Ring and leaves (see Candy 25).
  • Kanaya knows Dirk is up to something. She plans to come to him.
  • John sees Terezi in the abyss.
  • As Rose becomes an apparition of Light, she and Dirk discuss philosophy 101. Rose discovers the narrative layer, sees events depicted elsewhere– John in the abyss, the entire Candy timeline.
  • Dirk tries to stop other!Jade from falling through the black hole. Alt!Calliope wins the push-and-pull (see Candy 19).
  • Jade wakes up with Roxy and Calliope, only to become a vessel for Alt!Calliope, who gains the lead as new narrator. Dirk interjects about katanas, his voice fades.
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