Meat, Epilogue Seven is the seventh epilogue in the Meat narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 38 to 42 of the Meat route.

Synopsis Edit

  • Dave and Karkat grieve their presidential campaign. Dirk’s narration tries its best to nudge them towards finally kissing. Dave reacts badly to, as he recognizes it, his Bro’s shadow shaping his brain. Dave kisses Karkat– but of his own volition.
  • Dirk stops by Jake’s mansion and asks for a spaceship to get off the planet. Jake wants to come. Dirk brutally denies him.
  • Kanaya arrives at the hospital with Jade’s antidote. She and Roxy watch as Jade comes to, shouting the truest statement ever spoken: “DIRK STRIDER HAS TO BE STOPPED.”
  • Dirk gives one last soliloquy, talking about his villainy, solipsism, and his inevitable Just Death.
  • Jade tells Roxy and Kanaya about Dirk. Dirk lets go of his narrative hold. Kanaya connects the dots and flips the fuck out. Jade slips into another trance so Alt!Calliope can return. Kanaya goes fetal, sobbing. Alt!Calliope assures us that all is not lost.
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