Meat, Epilogue Six is the sixth epilogue in the Meat narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 33 to 37 of the Meat route.

Synopsis Edit

  • John and Terezi have a post-coital talk on the hood of the car. She gives up on finding Vriska. John zaps her home (see Candy 26 for car).
  • Jake gives his political speech. The narrator nudges his thoughts towards Dirk, tipping the scales and giving him a bad case of stage fright and worry.
  • John and Terezi arrive on Earth C. John doesn’t make it much further. He gives dying words about dying words. Dirk nudges Terezi to captchalogue John’s corpse.
  • Jane sweeps the election. Terezi meets Roxy in the hospital with comatose Jade. The two catch up. After Roxy leaves, Terezi is fed up with Dirk’s narration, and he offers a place for her in his radical escape from Earth C. Her and John.
  • Making a brief visit to his daughter's apartment, Dirk half-assedly packs Rose’s things. Kanaya is on her way, and fucking pissed, but Dirk’s narration nudges her in a different direction. She calls Rose and says everything is okay. Dirk allows Kanaya to have an antidote for Jade.
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