Meat, Epilogue Two is the second epilogue in the Meat narrative of The Homestuck Epilogues. It consists of chapters 9 to 13 of the Meat route.

Synopsis Edit

  • During the Masterpiece, Caliborn deploys the juju. It absorbs John, Rose, Dave, and Jade.
  • Jane reacts to Karkat’s presidential candidacy. She figures out she needs Jake's assistance, and arranges a meeting with him.
  • The kids in the juju try to communicate with each other, although they can barely hear each other. John figures out that he's depressed.
  • Dave, Karkat, and Jade discuss their campaign plans. Jade additionally proposes a sexual relationship with the both of them, and draws a shipping grid. The two boys react with shock and hesitation, and she leaves while they process her proposal.
  • At the end of time, Vriska deploys the juju but is unable to see what happens. She gets sucked into the black hole. John, Rose, Dave, and Jade get released.

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