The Whale is first seenMspa icon as a corpse in Jailbreak, it was later revealed that the whale was part of Zombie Ace Dick's Combat Operandi Check Yo'Self Jonah!

Problem SleuthEdit

Summoning the whale from GPI-knows-where during the final battle against DMK, ZAD hopped onto its back and prepared to unleash his devastating attack until Pickle Inspector accidentally shot the whale in the stomach with the Sextant.

With intestines trailing behind it, the whale corpse plummeted to the world below and crashed on top of a tall building. The momentum sent Zombie Ace Dick careening through the many levels until he finally became trapped in a room with several keys and a friendly looking man.

The brave whale's intestines would provide a climbing apparatus for the characters of Jailbreak, making its death heroic, tragic and disgusting.

Its special techniques include its participation with the technique. However, it apparently sucks at that game despite being a large mammal itself and is not seen to obtain any of the coveted salted melons.


A white whale appeared in Homestuck, and was promptly shot by Eridan with a harpoon gun, and fed by Feferi to her lusus. It was later revealed that the whale was the lusus of another, unrelated troll elsewhere in the vast ocean surrounding Eridan's and Feferi's homes. Surely this whale and the Problem Sleuth whale aren't related at all. That would not make any sense.

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