Thugs are minor antagonists in Problem Sleuth. Over the course of their adventure, Team Sleuth has killed a lot of these guys. They are followers of Mobster Kingpin, bust-smugglers, or assassins trying to kill Ace Dick. A number of them belong to a cult devoted to Dark Matter Mobster Kingpin. Sometimes thugs can be surly, and are armed with Tommy Guns and other blunt objects. Many of them carry spondulicks, and drop them immediately upon death. However, they are not important enough to visit the Afterlife.




The Morons are a byproduct of the Part-Pickles' Temporal Replicsimile Ad Infinitum through their particle/energy interactions. They are a subset of the thugs. The average Moron is a light grey hue while the Moron Neutrino is a darker variation. Sadly, they have a limited lifespan and undergo Moron Decay upon death.


The Morons shed tears, either of torment, or of gratitude. You will assume it is the latter.

They reappear in hell, condemned to be prodded by the Devil's Fork.

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