Roxys transmaterializer

This is probably used for crazy time shit.

A transmaterializer is a device which can transport objects across different instances of the same Universe, functioning as both a Sendificator and Appearifier. This function comes at the cost of quite a bit of Uranium, making it somewhat cumbersome to use. Currently, Jake English and Roxy Lalonde are the ones known to be in possession of a transmaterializer, the former having used his to create a certain someone together with Jade to protect John Egbert from Jack Noir. Roxy has used hers to (accidentally) transport Jaspers into the post-scratch universe, and later to return his corpse to the pre-scratch universe.

Jake's transmaterializer has been set up to sync the flow of time between his and Jade's universe and hence not cause time shenanigans, suggesting that under normal circumstances, that it could target any point in the timeline, like a Sendificator and Appearifier.

Both Jake and Roxy are not aware that they are sending items into an alternate instance of their universe. Jake believes he is working with his Grandma from a time when she was a teenager herself, and Roxy believes she has taken Jaspers from a younger version of her mom.

Both Roxy's and Jake's transmaterializer have been shown. They are identical aside from their color and different states of disrepair. A frog icon is seen on top of the device, symbolizing the Universe. It features the following buttons and interfaces:

  • A big switch that can be flicked between the labels B1 (kids' pre-scratch universe) and B2 (kids' post-Scratch universe), in between a scratched disc can be seen. It controls which universe the deviece interacts with, but seems to require a spirograph key to be operated.
  • A screen with four rotary knobs used to control longititde, latitude, height and time of the appearification/sendification.
  • Two big blue buttons, one for appearification (on the left) and one for sendification (on the right).
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