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Though the language spoken by the trolls seems to be for the most part mutually intelligible with the English language spoken on Earth, it is still considered its own languageHS.svg, with unique quirks that differentiate it from any language of Earth. It is said that 'friend' and 'enemy' translate to the same troll word, and that trolls DON'T EVEN HAVE A WORD FOR DAREHS.svg; however trolls have also been seen using these wordsHS.svg correctlyHS.svg on multiple occasions. It is unclear whether Homestuck employs translation convention to make troll conversations easier to understand for English-language readers, or if some of the claims made by the comic's narration or characters are incorrect or misleading.

One of the key features of the troll language is their use of descriptive compound phrases to replace some simple nouns; for example what would be called a 'toilet' in English is called a LOAD GAPERHS.svg in troll language. However Alternia's aristocracy tend to prefer more English-like nouns, such as 'fridge' instead of THERMAL HULLHS.svg.


Terms from dubiously canon sources are in italics.

Biology and the troll body[]

Main article: Troll
Troll term Definition Source
abdominal sausages Guts; intestines Friendsim Vol. 6
aggravation sponge A very harsh headache HomestuckHS.svg
acid tract / acid tubes Stomach or intestines; parts of the digestive system Hiveswap: Act 1
anguish bladder An organ located behind the forehead which contains dismay fluid HomestuckHS.svg
auricular sponge clots Hearing organs HomestuckHS.svg
bellowsacs Breathing organs; lungs Hiveswap: Act 1
blood pusher Blood pumping organ; heart Friendsim Vol. 5
bulge Any one of a number of bulgelike appendages to the troll body; at times refers to something phallic (get you all off my bulge about iit.HS.svg), some kind of appendage like a hand (A TOTALLY PLATONIC BRO BULGE BUMPHS.svg), a shoulder or back (IF ANYONE ELSE HAS ANY SHIT THEY WANT TO SCRAPE OFF THEIR BULGE ON TO MY CLEAN NUTRITION PLATEAUHS.svg), or a head or skull (IT DIDN'T GET THROUGH YOUR THICK BULGE???HS.svg)
chagrin tunnel A throat or esophagus The Homestuck EpiloguesCandy.png
chitin chunk Probably a reproductive organ "Broom Temperature", The Grubbles
chitinous windhole Throat HomestuckHS.svg
digestion bladder Part of the digestive system; stomach Friendsim Vol. 4
dismay fluid Stored in the anguish bladder HomestuckHS.svg
frond Any kind of appendage, such as a leg (1 TH1NK YOU M1GHT B3 PULL1NG MY FRONDHS.svg) or hand/wrist (A LIMP FRONDED STOOGEHS.svg). Can also be used to refer to a limblike structure outside of a troll, such as a tree (BRAYING UP THE WRONG FROND NUBHS.svg)
gallsphincter Presumably attached to a kind of gall bladder HomestuckHS.svg
ganderbulb Eyeball HomestuckHS.svg
gander precipice Balcony Hiveswap: Act 1
gastric evacuation gland An organ in the digestive/excretory system; the bowel Hiveswap: Act 1
glance nugget Eye HomestuckHS.svg
hear ducts Hearing organs HomestuckHS.svg
hemospectrum The spectrum of colours found in troll blood See hemospectrum
ignorance shaft / ignorance tunnel Presumably a throat or windpipe, when on a foolish person or being used to say foolish things HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg
lobe stem Presumably a part of the brain similar to a lobe or the brain stem HomestuckHS.svg
lookstubs A part of the eye; used in the context of the Insane Clown Posse lyric 'I've seen shit that'll shock your eyelids' HomestuckHS.svg
lumpsquirt Something squirted from a lump HomestuckHS.svg
meal tunnel An orifice for eating; esophagus HomestuckHS.svg
nook A crevice or entrance, such as an anus (up to your nook in the newest and hottest gamesHS.svg) or throat (really gets stuck in your nookHS.svg)
nub Any lump; a shoulder (take t)(e ch)(ip off your nubHS.svg), chest (to get off my nubHS.svg), knee (nub slappersHS.svg) or even a short pair of horns (UP TO MY PO1NTY L1TTL3 NUBSHS.svg). Can also be used to refer to a nublike structure outside of a troll, such as a tree (BRAYING UP THE WRONG FROND NUBHS.svg
nugbone Head; skull HomestuckHS.svg
point stump Finger Friendsim Vol. 9
porous cranial plates Some part of the skull through which blood flows HomestuckHS.svg
posture pole spine HomestuckHS.svg
prong Any extension of the body like a finger (KEEPING MY PRONGS CROSSEDHS.svg) or hand (I w8ted on you prong and fucking nu8HS.svg)
protein chute An orifice for eating; esophagus HomestuckHS.svg
pump biscuit A blood pumping organ; heart HomestuckHS.svg
rumble spheres Breasts HomestuckHS.svg
seed flap An orifice, presumably reproductive HomestuckHS.svg
shame globes Presumably some sex organ; sometimes autoerogenousHS.svg, perhaps found in a sackHS.svg like testicles
sniffnodes Olfactory organs HomestuckHS.svg
sniff nub / sniff tube Parts of the nose or olfactory organs Friendsim Vols. 9 & 12
snort barrels Some kind of breathing tube; nostrils HomestuckHS.svg
spinal crevice Ass or ass crack HomestuckHS.svg
spine lump Some part of the head located along the spine; possibly the head HomestuckHS.svg
sponge Part or all of the brain; sometimes a PUZZLE SPONGEHS.svg HomestuckHS.svg
squawk blister / squawk gaper Throat; some organ involved in making noise HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg
squeal pipette Throat; some organ involved in making noise HomestuckHS.svg
strut pod Locomoting appendage; foot. Strut stick also appears for locomoting limb or leg in Friendsim Vol. 9 HomestuckHS.svg
think pan A thinking organ; brain or head. Sometimes simply 'pan' for short HomestuckHS.svg
thoratic struts Some structure in the thorax; ribs Friendsim Vol. 9
thump tortoise A blood pumping organ; heart HomestuckHS.svg
torso pillar Back or spine HomestuckHS.svg
wiggler Larval troll; used by trolls to refer to other species in their larval or infant stage, such as cherubsHS.svg HomestuckHS.svg

Culture and society[]

Main article: Alternia
Troll term Definition Source
archeradicator [...]perhaps the most noble echelon the imperial forces have to offer. Alternian soldiers who fight using bow and arrow. A portmanteau of archer and eradicator HomestuckHS.svg
arena stickball A team sport somewhat similar to table TABLE STICKBALLHS.svg See stickball
auditerrorizer An auditor Friendsim Vol. 13
blastoff device Rocket HomestuckHS.svg
bookhive A library Friendsim Vol. 8
breeze blender A fan HomestuckHS.svg
capacioniter A unit of length Hiveswap: Act 2
cavalreaper A member of a branch of the Alternian military under the Condesce's controlHS.svg who employ jousting in combat. A portmanteau of cavalry and reaper HomestuckHS.svg
clutchropes Grappling ropes or hooks Paradox Space - Critical MissPXS icon.png
crossing trestle Bridge HomestuckHS.svg
excessive bodily force poetry A form of poetry similar to Earth's slam poetry; not to be confused with traditional Alternian slam poetry, which is an art form similar to rap Friendsim Vol. 6
flaysquad A group of threshecutioners HomestuckHS.svg
gamblignant A member of a group of deadly marauders with a passion for chanceHS.svg. Possibly a portmanteau of gamble and malignant See Marquise Spinneret Mindfang
grubschool A school for very young trolls; preschool or kindergarten Friendsim Vol. 8
hive A house or home HomestuckHS.svg
hivebatch A group of hives, possibly constructed around the same time; a neighbourhood Friendsim Vol. 10
hive stem A long vertical stem built for the purpose of having hives constructed on its sides, much like highrise architecture on Earth[1] HomestuckHS.svg
laughsassin or laughssassinHS.svg A member of a branch of the Alternian military under the Condesce's controlHS.svg who employ the trapeze in combat. A portmanteau of laugh and assassin HomestuckHS.svg
legislacerator A lawyer-bounty hunter, once employed to hunt down criminals in the field but since confined to courtblocks. A portmanteau of legislator and lacerator HomestuckHS.svg
looneyblock An insane asylum HomestuckHS.svg
recreational field / recreation sprawl A wide open place of recreation; a park Friendsim Vol. 7 & The Homestuck EpiloguesMeat.png
ruffiannihilator A member of a branch of the Alternian military under the Condesce's controlHS.svg known for their brute strength. A portmanteau of ruffian and annihilator HomestuckHS.svg
schoolhive A school or schoolhouse HomestuckHS.svg
school fed or schoolfed Being educated or figuratively "schooled" HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg
scienstiff A member of a group who would have once been ruled unfunny by the subjugglators. A portmanteau of science or scientist and stiff, possibly as in a boring or conventional person, or as in a corpse HomestuckHS.svg
soil perturber A shovel Hiveswap: Act 2
stemcluster A group of hive stems together; a city Hiveswap: Act 1
subgrub The Alternian term for "Suburb"; an outlying district of a stemcluster (City) Hiveswap: Act 1
subjugglator A juggalo-like group from which Gamzee Makara descends. A portmanteau of subjugator and juggalo HomestuckHS.svg
subjugglation A form of subjugation performed by the subjugglators HomestuckHS.svg
threshecutioner A member of a branch of the Alternian military under the Condesce's controlHS.svg who use threshing implements like sickles in combat. A portmanteau of thresh and executioner HomestuckHS.svg
thresher Some kind of sharp implement, presumably used by threshecutioners HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg

Flora and fauna[]

Main article: Alternia#Habitation
Troll term Definition Source
baabeast An animal that makes a baa sound; a sheep Friendsim Vol. 4
bark gnomes Some kind of fairy HomestuckHS.svg
barkbeast / barkfiend An animal that makes a barking sound; a dog or canine HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg
beefgrub A larva presumably bred for consumption HomestuckHS.svg
bivalved jewel container / bivalvular sea critter An oystery or other bivalve Pesterquest Vol. 8 & Friendsim Vol. 4
cheese critter A small animal that eats cheese, like a rat or mouse HomestuckHS.svg
cholerbear A sluggish species of lusus generally associated with the teal caste HomestuckHS.svg
cluckbeast An animal that makes a clucking sound; poultry HomestuckHS.svg
gobblefiend An animal that makes a gobbling sound; a turkey HomestuckHS.svg
honkbird A bird that makes a honking sound; a goose HomestuckHS.svg
hoofbeast An animal similar to a horse; sometimes aquatic, in hippocampic form HomestuckHS.svg
lusus naturae A member of a subterranean species of Alternian monsters used to raise young trolls See lusus
marchbugs Marching insects known for crashing lawnmeals; ants HomestuckHS.svg
milkbeast An animal presumably kept for its milk, and sometimes used as a ritual sacrifice; a cow or cattle The Homestuck EpiloguesCandy.png
moobeast An animal that makes a moo sound; a cow or cattle Friendsim Vol. 6
musclebeast A large, muscular and nocturnal creature with anatomy both bestial and humanoid See musclebeast
nibble vermin A pest known for chewing; likely a rodent like a mouse or rat HomestuckHS.svg
nut creature A squirrel HomestuckHS.svg
porkfiend A pig The Homestuck EpiloguesCandy.png
purrbeast An animal that makes a purring sound; a cat Friendsim Vol. 5
quackbeast An animal that makes a quacking sound; a duck Friendsim Vol. 13
rainbow drinker A vampire See rainbow drinker
ripperwasp An insect similar to a bee HomestuckHS.svg
shadow dropper An undead creature of the daytime See shadow dropper
shellscuttler A lobster-like crustacean Friendsim Vol. 12
skyhorse A flying lusus similar to a seahorse HomestuckHS.svg
snake-rodent A long rodent like a weasel Friendsim Vol. 2
spleenfowl A loud, unintelligent lusus usually associated with the teal caste HomestuckHS.svg
squeakbeast An animal that makes a squeaking sound; a rat or mouse Friendsim Vol. 11
talonscreecher A bird Friendsim Vol. 12
trunkbeast / trumpet beast An animal with trumpet-like trunk; an elephant HomestuckHS.svg & The Homestuck EpiloguesCandy.png
tubeflora A plant shaped like a tube; a tree Hiveswap: Act 1
woolbeast An animal known for its wooly coat; a sheep HomestuckHS.svg

Household and food[]

Troll term Definition Source
# wheel device Any object of locomotion with wheels; one wheel deviceHS.svg for a unicycle, four wheel deviceHS.svg for a wheelchair, etc.
ablutionrobe Bathrobe Friendsim Vol. 4
ablution trap Bath tub HomestuckHS.svg
bileslaw A food likely similar to coleslaw Hiveswap: Act 1
block A generic name for a room, used to create compound names; see courtblock, respiteblock, rumpusblock HomestuckHS.svg
bobblenug A bobblehead figurine Hiveswap: Act 1
boiled tree blood A food presumably made from sap, like maple syrup Friendsim Vol. 3
bulbhuggers A potential name for a bra Tumblr
buttery exploded kernels A food similar to popcorn Friendsim Vol. 5
churned dairy product Butter Friendsim Vol. 3
corpse box Casket/Coffin. Given that trolls typically don't bury their deadHS.svg, the existence of this term is odd. The trolls may have simply come up with it upon watching the humans via Trollian. HomestuckHS.svg
crisprange Cooking apparatus; stove Hiveswap: Act 1
Cruel Aid A drink, probably like Kool Aid Hiveswap: Act 1
dong shouter A bell HomestuckHS.svg
dross coffer A waste receptacle; a garbage can HomestuckHS.svg
extraterraneal landing slats Balcony-like areas located on the roofs of some of a hive's blocks HomestuckHS.svg
falldown slat A skateboard HomestuckHS.svg
fart niblets Beans HomestuckHS.svg
flavor disc A wheel-shaped sandwich; a pizza Hiveswap: Act 1
gander precipice A ledge for viewing from; a balcony Hiveswap: Act 1
gland holsters A potential name for a bra Tumblr
glitter biscuit A sparkly sticker or award Paradox Space - Headed for StardomPXS icon.png
grub A kind of food, possibly made from actual larva, which can be made into any number of meals, from grubsauce to grubcakes. Forms of grub are also employed in various forms of Alternian technology See grub
grubshed Some kind of shed involved with grubs; possibly like a dog house HomestuckHS.svg
heft satchels A potential name for a bra Tumblr
hunger trunk A niche for food; a fridge or pantry HomestuckHS.svg
huskloaf A baked food The Homestuck EpiloguesCandy.png
husktop A portable computer; a laptop HomestuckHS.svg
hydration cylinder A can containing a beverage Hiveswap: Act 1
jut duffels A potential name for a bra Tumblr
lawnmeal A meal eaten on a lawn, with a checkered tablecloth; a picnic HomestuckHS.svg
lawnring A circle mowed around the lawn of a troll's hive, or the lawn contained therein; a yard HomestuckHS.svg
loungeplank A couch or sofa Hiveswap: Act 1
meal block A block for preparing food; a kitchen HomestuckHS.svg
medicalizer A wall-mounted device for healing injuries Friendsim Vol. 2
nub stilts High-heeled shoes Friendsim Vol. 9
nutrition cylinder A can of food HomestuckHS.svg
nutrition plateau A surface for eating from; a plate HomestuckHS.svg
offal drum A waste receptacle; a trash can Friendsim Vol. 1
palmhusk A portable handheld computer; a mobile phone Friendsim Vol. 3
panlid A hat Friendsim Vol. 13
protrusion hammocks A potential name for a bra Tumblr
peal screamer A bell HomestuckHS.svg
recuperacoon A pod filled with nourishing sopor slime, in which a troll sleeps HomestuckHS.svg
respiteblock A block for relaxing or sleeping in; a bedroom HomestuckHS.svg
rumpusblock A block for recreation; a rumpus room HomestuckHS.svg
scalding leaf fluid Tea HomestuckHS.svg
scourdray A mop cart Hiveswap: Act 1
scuttlebuggy Some kind of vehicle. Depicted as a flying or hovering craft in Friendsim Vol. 6, a wheeled vehicle in Vol. 10, and as an insectoid machine with legs in one of Pesterquest: Vol. 9's ending cards. In Hiveswap: Act 1, an omniscuttlecoach is a vehicle for moving many trolls at once, like a bus HomestuckHS.svg
snack mineral A mineral used to season food, like salt HomestuckHS.svg
smearspinner A floor waxer Hiveswap: Act 1
spherical fruit string A grapevine Friendsim Vol. 9
splaysac A soft chair, akin to a bean bag but filled with relaxing sopor slime Hiveswap: Act 1
swaychair A rocking chair, or rocker HomestuckHS.svg
thermal hull Refrigerator HomestuckHS.svg
tobacco flutes Cigars HomestuckHS.svg
troll caegar A coin presumably depicting a person named Caegar (possibly named for Caesar) HomestuckHS.svg
wheelstops Brakes, as in on a vehicle Friendsim Vol. 10
wobble rucksack A potential name for a bra Tumblr
zigzag incline A stairway Hiveswap: Act 1

Expressions and grammar[]

Troll term Definition Source
"blood beneath the abatoir" "water under the bridge" Friendsim Vol. 1
"bury the thresher" "bury the hatchet" HomestuckHS.svg
"cloak-and-laser" "cloak-and-dagger" Friendsim Vol. 11
"cold gobblefiend" "cold turkey" HomestuckHS.svg
"collide-and-scamper" "hit-and-run" Friendsim Vol. 4
columnsnap Whiplash Friendsim Vol. 4
distraction fish A herring, as in a "red distraction fish" HomestuckHS.svg
enclosure talons Quotation marks, or the act of imitating them with the fingers HomestuckHS.svg
finish crumbs Punctuation marks that conclude a sentence; periods HomestuckHS.svg
"grub-fisted" "ham-fisted" HomestuckHS.svg
having ones horns handed to them Being thoroughly beaten or defeated, as in having one's ass handed to them HomestuckHS.svg
"hunt-and-sequester" "hide-and-seek" Friendsim Vol. 9
invertebrother A term of fraternal affection; possibly religious HomestuckHS.svg
"(not) my container of scalding leaf fluid)" "(not) my cup of tea" HomestuckHS.svg
"no need to flip your thinkpan" "no need to flip your lid" Friendsim Vol. 12
"off my swaychair" "off my rocker" HomestuckHS.svg
"opposable digits in huskloafs" "fingers in pies" The Homestuck EpiloguesCandy.png
"rings a dong shouter" / "rings a peal screamer" "rings a bell" HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg
"ripperwasp in their jock" "bee in their bonnet" HomestuckHS.svg
"run-of-the-grain-grinder" "run-of-the-mill" Friendsim Vol. 13
"scrubbed fuscha" Scrubbed clean, perhaps "whitewashed"; possibly relating to fuchsia caste-related censorship Friendsim Vol. 8
shout pole An exclamation mark HomestuckHS.svg
"spill the fart niblets" "spill the beans" HomestuckHS.svg
"spinning my wheel device" "spinning my wheels" HomestuckHS.svg
surprise noodle A question mark, presumably especially when used in surprise HomestuckHS.svg
tomewriggler A bookworm Troll Call
"troll caegar a dozen" "dime a dozen" HomestuckHS.svg
"when shit hits the breeze blender" / "when shit hits the thresher" "when shit hits the fan" HomestuckHS.svgHS.svg
"wild honkbird chase" "wild goose chase" HomestuckHS.svg
"without a bean in your thinkpan" Without much in your head; unintelligent or foolish Friendsim Vol. 9


  1. Andrew Hussie. "The communal hive stem was an Alternian concept I came up with as an analogue to highrise architecture on Earth. The way it works is, some authority (probably a bunch of drones or something) zones an area for these stems and builds a lot of them. They're completely blank edifices at first, but as lusii bring young trolls they've recently united with from the caverns, they climb the stems and build new apartment-like hives clinging to the sides..." Homestuck: Book 4: Act 5 Act 1, p.113.