The Ultimate Alchemy is an important element of Sburb. Its purpose is probably to create a new universeHS.svg, or alternatively the planets or life in the universe.

Requirements[edit | edit source]

The session's forge may be where it is performed. A fully-prototyped Battlefield may also be requiredHS.svg. The Ultimate Alchemy requires an extreme amount of grist, which apparently can only be obtained by killing the Denizens.

Terezi suggests that it may be possible to use the grist obtained from the Denizens' death in regular alchemy hereHS.svg, which suggests that the grist dropped is all of regularly collectible types.

The fully deployed Grist rig on LOTAK releases Grist into Skaia, commencing the Ultimate Alchemy.

Vriska has given more crucial stepsHS.svg, presumably part of the Ultimate Alchemy: the players must build their houses up to Skaia, grist rigs must be deployed upon each player's fully-built house in order to disperse their planets' grist hoards into Skaia, and then somebody must light the forge (although it is possible that this last requirement is unique to the B2 session; as the Genesis Tadpole fell into the forgeHS.svg, its lighting may be in order to release it and send it into Skaia via explosive volcanism, although this is just speculation). The grist serves as nutrients to mature the Genesis Frog. After this, players can claim the Ultimate Reward.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Assuming a session has a player with Timetables and enemies infinitely (re)spawn (or can be killed repeatedly without stealing grist from a future kill somehow, generated by the players without losing more grist than they drop, etc.), it might be possible to gather enough grist for The Ultimate Alchemy through mind-numbing grinding.

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