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N.B. The subject of this article is not something created by Andrew Hussie. However, it is
considered relevant to the Wiki's scope due to connections it has to one or more of his works.

Undertale is an RPG created by Toby Fox. It was released on September 15, 2015, and quickly gained widespread acclaim. An episodic spinoff game, Deltarune, released its first episode in October 2018.

Toby Fox apparently started developing Undertale in Andrew Hussie's basement.

Connections with MSPA[]


As Toby Fox was part of the Homestuck music team, several things in Undertale can be seen as references to Homestuck:

Musical connections[]

Common sound effects[]

  • "Dogsong" uses Mario Paint Composer sound effects. These sound effects have been heavily used in Homestuck, particularly for music relating to Nepeta, and also in the Trickster arc.
  • Flowey's laugh is the same sound clip used for tricksterHS.svg and menacing cherub laughter in Homestuck, for example as heard in The Lordling ♫.
  • Sans's whoopee cushion sound clip is the same as that used in the beginning of Caliborn's masterpieceHS.svg.
  • The sound effect when killing a monster in Undertale is the same from Openbound Part Two when Mituna crashes into the ground after doing a (not so) sick grind.

References to Undertale in MSPA[]


The first episode of Undertale's spinoff, Deltarune, was released on Halloween, 2018. As with Undertale, this game contains several connections to Homestuck that are probably non-coincidental:


  1. Alphys's square glasses are inspired by John Egbert. No one needed to know that. - Toby Fox, UNDERTALE 6th Anniversary So We Play DELTARUNE Chapter 1 For Some Reason - LIVE!