It is RIDICULOUS what kind of air this thing is getting.

The Unreal Air is an unbelievably shitty IRONIC skateboard Dave createdHS.svg by alchemizing both his skateboard and a Hella Jeff drawing.

After being created, it proceeded to get RIDICULOUS air and has since been seen gliding through the clouds of Skaia.

Shortly after the UNREAL AIR had soared away, Dave duplicated it and had it captchalogued before it was able to fly away again. It seems to be one of the few items created with a SBaHJ poster that can interact with its enivronment (the SORD..... Dave made earlier was too UNBELIEVABLY SHITTY to manipulate intelligibly). The Unreal Air also requires no GRIST to construct.

Dave used the second Unreal Air to enter his first gate.

Eventually the first Unreal Air is seen again falling onto Skaia behind Davesprite and Jadesprite hereHS.svg.

It was later seen in Dirk Strider's room, and it is hinted that his Bro escaped on it after his duel with the Mirthful Executives. Later on, Dirk holds a conversation with Dave stating that Bro did actually fly off on a "shitty skateboard".


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