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Heya. I'm BlackholeWI, formerly User:BlackholeMW. Now a wiki moderator! I created Lil Halbot, a bot with the capacity to make mass changes to the wiki as required.

I'm also the main admin of the Homestuck and MSPA Music Wiki, and am in charge of the bot there. Additionally I was the lead admin of the Beforus album project.

If you need to contact me about anything, please use my talk page.

Potential to-do Edit

Feel free to suggest more, especially new pages/sections I could add. I like writing copy when I'm bored.

Subpages Edit

List of pages I created Edit

Prologue Epilogue Logo
Meat Meat Candy Candy
Meat, Epilogue One Meat Candy, Epilogue One Candy
Meat, Epilogue Two Meat Candy, Epilogue Two Candy
Meat, Epilogue Three Meat Candy, Epilogue Three Candy
Meat, Epilogue Four Meat Candy, Epilogue Four Candy
Meat, Epilogue Five Meat Candy, Epilogue Five Candy
Meat, Epilogue Six Meat Candy, Epilogue Six Candy
Meat, Epilogue Seven Meat Candy, Epilogue Seven Candy
Meat, Epilogue Eight Meat Candy, Epilogue Eight Candy
Meat, Postscript Meat Candy, Postscript Candy

I also did a bunch of navboxes, albeit only by very poorly bodging together pre-existing code. 

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