Sorceror Nobody

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Sorceror Nobody Symbol
Sorceror Nobody

Sorceror Nobody Casual
If it'S a Supreme traNSceNdeNtal NoNeNtity
you're lookiNg for, you've juSt fouNd him

Sorceror Nobody Void Duds
If it'S a Supreme traNSceNdeNtal NoNeNtity
you're lookiNg for, you've juSt fouNd him

Sorceror Nobody Dream
If it'S a Supreme traNSceNdeNtal NoNeNtity
you're lookiNg for, you've juSt fouNd him

Sorceror Nobody Hood Down
For the laSt time, it'S Not a dreSS! It'S a robe!
Do you have No graSp of Style whatSoever?

Sorceror Nobody Sollux
iif iit'2 a 2upreme traN2ceNdeNtal NoNeNtiity
you're lookii
Ng for, you've ju2t fouNd hiim

Sorceror Nobody English

Sorceror Nobody Baby


SN, Sorc


??? of Space


29 (Born Captor 12th, 19 BHSE)

Screen Name


Typing Style

Normal – but not perfect due to casual style – grammar and punctuation, with the letters S and N capitalised in dark red and navy blue, respectively. In Snarkstuck, only the capitalisation is used due to technical restraints.

Strife Specibi


Fetch Modus

Decay, Crossword, Hanoi


Jimcloud – moirail
Jade Harley – waifu

Live(s) in



Land of Nothingness and Eternity


Puns, memes, Homestuck, science


Overt misuse of the English language, although an exception is often made if the misuse is for comedic effect


Blank Stares ♫
An Empty Threat ♫ (Strife)

==> SN: Encounter unexpected complication.

==> SN: Answer JC.
==> SN: Answer infuriating douchebag.

Hi there! The main thing you need to know about me is that I'm generally very friendly and approachable, and willing to help with anything that I don't deem to be bloody stupid. My patience can be hard to test, but will run out very fast if it does get tested. As long as we avoid that, though, there should be little reason for any unpleasantness in interactions with me : )

Furthermore, I am a sysop here, and have worked on a variety of aspects of the wiki, including but not limited to:

  • Constructing or improving most of the maintenance templates
  • Working with TL6 to properly codify many of the wiki's policies
  • Behind the scenes work on things like category structure
  • Substantial writing, rewriting and splitting on a few articles
  • General gnoming when the fancy strikes me

So if you need help with anything, or just want to discuss something, feel free to drop me a line on my talk page. I'm also on the wiki Discord server!

My official OTP is Cotton Candy. My personal ships include Dave/Jade, Karkat/Terezi, and John/Roxy, but I'm pretty laid back about other ships (including ones that conflict with mine) as long as they're sensible.

I am a Space player, but before the official test identified my true aspect, I chose to be a Seer of Void, so there's a lot of stuff around my userspace that references that. My lunar sway is Derse.

On an unrelated self-promotional note, I make videos on YouTube.

I am shameless Undertale trash as well as Homestuck trash.

Snarkstuck canonicity statementEdit

Snarkstuck is the canon version of the session that I lead. Any differences between Snarkstuck and anything stated in my userspace on this wiki are to be taken as indicators that the userspace is either in need of updating, or is simply an alternate non-canon description of the session. Likewise, just because something is stated here (or anywhere else that isn't Snarkstuck) does not necessarily mean it will also turn out to be true in Snarkstuck. No, not even my mythological role.

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