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Class speculation

Just for reference purposes: What I speculate the classes layout to be.

  Female Only Mostly Female Mostly Male Male Only
Passive Muse Sylph3 Rogue Seer / Page1 Bard Heir2
Active Witch2 Maid3 Thief / Mage Knight1 Prince Lord
  1. Page/Knight as the m/m pair balances out the f/f Rogue/Thief pair.
  2. Heir/Witch as the M+/F- pair balances out the F+/M- Muse/Lord pair.
  3. Sylph/Maid as the F/F pair balances out the M/M Bard/Prince pair.

For pairings:

  • Passive / Active
  • Canon
    • Muse / Lord
    • Rogue / Thief
    • Bard / Prince
  • Personal speculation
    • Sylph / Maid
    • Seer / Mage
    • Page / Knight
    • Heir / Witch
+7 +6 +5 +4 +3 +2 +1 -1 -2 -3 -4 -5 -6 -7
Muse Page Bard Sylph Rogue Seer Heir Knight Mage Maid Thief Prince Witch Lord

Hussie has claimed the scale has a slight active male tilt.

  Female Male Alignment
Passive +16 +12 Passive female tilt
Active -13 -15 Slight active male tilt
Total +3 -3 Slight passive female tilt, slight active male tilt

Alternate notation

It is common to display a class's position (or theoretical position) via notation that suggests that the passive/active value is an intristic property of the class, as opposed to the idea that it isn't so much an intrinsic value but rather simply positions on the scale. When phrased as an intrinsic value it forces the +1 and -1 classes to be two units apart, making the gap between them larger than the gap between them and their respective ±2 classes. With positional notation the 1st passive and 1st active classes can viewed as being 1 single position away from each other as opposed to two, thus closing the gap (however 0th can still be invoked in order to expand the gap again).


The idea of a 0 value on the scale also opens the idea of classes that may exist there, as a class that sits in the middle of the scale due to it displaying properties which make it impossible to place on either side of the scale, in such a scale its classification would be determined by examining the class's counterpart. As zero is neither positive or negative it becomes difficult to think of a class as passive or active even when considering its counterpart, as such invoking the ordinal system allows an easy differentiation between passive and active classes sharing a position at 0.

Passive (+) 7th + 6th + 5th + 4th + 3rd + 2nd + 1st + Active (-)
Muse Page Bard Sylph Rogue Seer Heir Mage Maid Thief Prince Witch Lord
1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th - 7th -
An alternative method where the scale is described by positional value as opposed to an intrinsic value and the potential for a passive class and an active class to overlap is allowed.

Sprite fusion titles

Mythological Roles
Witch Fefetasprite Fefetasprite
Rogue Fefetasprite Fefetasprite Davepetasprite^2
Thief Tavrisprite Tavrisprite
Page Tavrisprite Tavrisprite
Heir Arquiusprite Arquiusprite
Prince Arquiusprite Arquiusprite Erisolsprite Erisolsprite
Mage Erisolsprite Erisolsprite
Knight Davepetasprite^2 Davepetasprite^2
  • Tavrisprite - At least half-active, double-Prospit dreamer.
  • Arquiusprite - At least half-active, double-Derse dreamer.
  • Fefetasprite - Half-passive/half-active mix, double-Derse dreamer.
  • Erisolsprite - At least half-active, is at least half-Derse dreamer.1
    1. Sollux had two dream selves, a Prospitian and Dersite one. At the creation of Erisolsprite; Sollux became two people, as his former Derse dream self was the physical part combined to make Erisolsprite. Following this the half that is contained within Erisolsprite (soul-wise) may be the Derse half, and that the other Sollux (soul-wise) may be the Prospitian half. As he was half-alive/half-dead prior to this and it was the death of his waking self inhabiting the body of former Derse dream self it may also be assumed that the Derse half was the dead half, however given the complexity of it, it may not be the case.
  • Davepetasprite^2 - At least half-passive, double-Derse dreamer.
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