My usefulness rating, according to Sorceror Nobody's calculator, as of February 13th, 2020:

53% of most likely useful edits.
39% of possibly useful edits.
8% of most likely not useful edits.
Usefulness rating: 77

my hip + cool ideas to improve the wiki (listed here on my userpage)
  • css this sucka up to replace the ludicrous amount of inline styles on this wiki (a girl can dream)
    • infoboxes (if we're not doing portable we can at least still make it styled thru css)
    • navbox css (also the navboxes vary wildly in format and that's kinda obnoxious)
    • "mspaquote" class (it's a better plan jeeves)
    • customize the appearance of tabbers
  • make more! character's outfit pages, and then nerf the ludicrous amount of sprites we currently have in the infobox, instead feature the one on their outfit page
    • or perhaps just a gallery on the page...? hmm
  • make character's inventory pages! instead of all of the pages w e have for like. urn. and nails. and shit. instread have like, john's inventory and that lists off all the bullshit he puts in his sylladex, and repeat for each character
  • also do the wookiepedia thing for canon and post-canon for pages but i think thats slowly being implemented but if its not by the end of 2019 im busting in and doing it myself
  • give each album their own page. they deserv it
  • art team music team writing team. oh god. needs help
  • a bunch of flash pages deserve their own pages
  • each ancestor also deserves own page tbh
  • and also maybe all of the felt gang??????/?
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