N.B. This object has yet to be given an official name. As such, this title is not strictly canonical;
however, it has been chosen based on the appearance and apparent function of the object.
Empty victory platform
Skaia victory platform

The scale of the platform in comparison to Skaia.

Shown only in A2 and B2 so far, the victory platform is what appears beneathSburb Logo Skaia at some point during a session, presumably only those destined for success in creating a new universe. The platform is metallic, according to KarkatSburb Logo, and consists of three thick lily pad shaped rings stacked on top of each other, with the symbolic image of a frog on the top of the platform, surrounded by a wide spirograph logo. Beneath the platform is a glowing sphere with the image of a narrower spirograph. Before the players have built up their houses to Skaia, deployed their grist rigs to empty their planets' hoards, and ignited the forge, a platform without an Ultimate Reward doorwaySburb Logo will be present beneath Skaia. It is unclear what triggers the platform itself to appear, and whether or not it is simply present from the beginning of a session. It is also unclear whether it fails to appear in sessions doomed to failure. The Ultimate Reward doorway materializes only after the finalSburb Logo stepSburb Logo has been completed.

The Ultimate RewardEdit


The post-scratch trolls about to receive the Ultimate Reward.

The Ultimate Reward is what awaits players who have successfully won a session of Sburb. After the necessary actions for winningSburb Logo have been performed, a structure resembling the session's Sburb logoSburb Logo appears on the victory platform. The structure has a door with a smaller version of the respective Sburb logo on it, with a doorknobSburb Logo resembling a dream bubble, adorned with the same narrow spirograph. The door serves as an entrance into the new universe the players have created, and is apparently unusable if it has been structurally damagedSburb Logo. The door itself also might not appear right when the Sburb logo structure doesSburb Logo, but that is currently unclear.

Karkat ultimate reward

Karkat reaching for the Ultimate Reward.

What, if anything, the Reward includes beyond access to the new universe is currently unknown, as none of the six sessions shown in Homestuck have managed to successfully claim it. The A2 trolls came closest, as they were able to achieve victory, but were prevented from getting their Reward when the B1 Jack Noir arrived in their Incipisphere and destroyed the door before they could open it. The A1 trolls and B1 kids were unable to win and had to scratch their sessions. The B2 kids are stuck in a void session, but it became winnable post-retcon when the B1 kids arrived and the Condesce made Jade deposit their Battlefield into Skaia. After Collide, the B2 session was successfully won. Caliborn and Calliope's dead sessions are unable to produce a new universe, so their victory and defeat conditions (and presumably its Ultimate Reward) differ from that of a normal session.

It is implied hereSburb Logo that the reward for a normal session would include ruling over the created universe. However, it could differ between sessions, and it's possible that the implication was more about Karkat's intentions than the reward itself. This is corroborated by Vriska's later statementsSburb Logo on the matter.


B2 Victory platform
  • The Ultimate Reward structure in the B2 session was initially colored like the Sburb Alpha logo, but faced the same way as the Sburb Beta logo. After the Genesis Frog matured, the logo flipped to the Alpha orientation and turned white before the door to the new universe appeared. This may reflect the fact that the session was a unique situation which required the combination of assets from two different sessions to make the game winnable.
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