Vim is a stat alike to strength and vitality in Problem Sleuth. It represents the physical strength and bodily hardiness of the character. In English, vim is synonymous with enthusiasm or energy. High vim allows characters to overcome Weapon Encumbrance, lift heavy objects and overcome harsher environmental conditions or hazards. It seems to be similar to Mangrit in Homestuck

Vim in Puzzles[edit | edit source]

Of the three detectives, Ace Dick has the highest vim, allowing him to solve puzzles that require heavy objects to be moved, barriers to be destroyed, or suffer hazardous terrain. Problem Sleuth has a mediocre amount of vim. He is able to perform rudimentary tasks that require a reasonable amount of strength, but is susceptible to environmental hazards. Pickle Inspector has a tiny amount of vim (which later dropped to zero, erasing the stat from his screen entirely). He is incapable of performing even rudimentary physical tasks. Things like closing doors and dislodging stuck objects are outside his means. Assumedly, he is more susceptible to harm than his cohorts.

Example[edit | edit source]

Fiesta Ace Dick is capable of superhuman acts of strength, allowing him to destroy, move, carry and/or pummel nearly anything

The current Ace Dick is thought to have the highest VIM stat in the game at the moment, as he closed the door to death's realm with relative ease against the power of a black hole (Or, to be more precise, Black Hole Mobster Kingpin). Additionally, he has been directly referred to as "The World's Strongest Man", and can easily lift the Megaton Key, which was even outside of Mobster Kingpin's capability.

Items[edit | edit source]

Vim can be altered through ingesting certain items such as coffee or Hot Sauce. Although not explicitly stated, it seems the side-effect hangover from going on a liquor-induced delve into the realm of imagination decreases one's vim stat as well.

Comparative Levels[edit | edit source]

From lowest to highest:

Notes[edit | edit source]

The Pluck Reliquary Meter.

Vim does not represent the health of a character. At first, protagonists lack any health indicator at all, but later encounters show each has his own Health Aegis, such as the Pluck Reliquary, containing Vitality Carats for Problem Sleuth; a Grit Ciborium, containing Gumption Wafers for Ace Dick; and the Mettle Samovar, holding Spark Ash for Pickle Inspector. Health can be restored through the collection of food items typically found on defeated enemies. Loss of all health usually sends a character to an awaiting Death. Boss enemies sometimes have bars that represent their health, denoted either with their name or simply "BOSS". This health meter has nothing to do with Vim either, and is a separate statistic.

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