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Vriska "Vrissy" Maryam-Lalonde is a troll hatched on Earth C during the Candy timeline of the Homestuck Epilogues. She is the genetic descendent of Vriska Serket and the daughter of Kanaya Maryam and Rose Lalonde.


Vriska Maryam-Lalonde, much like her namesake, aspires for greatness in her life. She finds much of the more mundane aspects of her life rather unappealing and as such wishes for some excitement and adventure, especially after talking with her ancestor. Despite this desire for more action, Vrissy takes a fairly lax approach to things; taking events as they are and rolling with them as they go. She also loves her mothers, though she is embarrassed by their affection for her.


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The Homestuck Epilogues[]

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Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[]

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Rose Lalonde and Kanaya Maryam[]

Rose and Kanaya are Vrissy's moms. She keeps telling Harry that they'll give her a position in the rebellion.

Harry Anderson Egbert[]

Harry and Vrissy are matesprits . She gets annoyed at his sentimentality sometimes. She has insulted him multiple times, making people question their relationship's quadrant. They have gotten to second base. They sneak out to meet each other in troll neighborhoods, go on dates that involve popcorn (movies, likely), and Vrissy is accustomed to sneaking in and out of Harry's house (he gave her a key). Harry is also her adoptive uncle, as both Rose and he are Roxy's children, though they do not seem to view their relationship this way, or even know that they are related.

Tavros Crocker[]

Tavros and Vrissy are kismeses .

Vriska Serket[]

Vrissy has complicated feelings about Vriska. She looks up to her and is frustrated that Vriska doesn't treat her as important.


  • In the Epilogues, she used emojis with a varyingCandy.png numberCandy.png of colons and a parenthesis. In Homestuck^2, she uses emojis with one colon and a bracket.
  • She is a cosplayer.HS2.svg

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