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In Pesterquest[]


Vriska Serket first appearance in Volume 6 Route 2: The Scourge Of The High Seas. She's also appeared in Volume 7 Route 2: A Fair Trial and Volume 8 Route 1: Glimmering Gold And Cold Iron.

In The Homestuck Epilogues[]

From the reader's point of view, Vriska's story in The Homestuck Epilogues picks up from where her Canon biography ended.

Vriska is standing in the Furthest Ring moments after leading the ghost army to Lord English and opening the chestHS.svg containing the Juju. She stands off to the side, waiting for the door on its surface to open and defeat him. As Vriska stares down Lord English and judges his gaudy appearance, Meenah tells her she's returning to the army and invites Vriska to join. Vriska wants to take a minute to await the Juju opening, so Meenah simply gives her a grin, salutes, and leaves. Vriska is excited to be at the end of the universe, and Lord English puts another crack in reality as she watches, impressed. However, she is abruptly knocked back as one of the falling shards of reality hits her hard in the head, but she braces through it, crying laughing. Tavros asks if she's okay, and she puts a hand to her wound to find that one side of her head is entirely soaked with blood, and spreading. Her head is spinning, but she clings to denial and rage. Tavros tries again to help her, but she pushes him away and tells him to go find Meenah. He obliges, running off to join the rest of the army.

Vriska is still straining to focus on the battle, to take it all in, when she notices a message notification in her glasses from Terezi. She has no idea how long it's been there, but ignores it. Without Tavros there to ground her, however, she quickly finds herself lifting off the ground, and realizes the black hole is pulling her in. Her gaze snaps to the Juju again, obsessed with seeing what happens despite the blood in her eyes, waiting, wondering where Meenah is. She tries desperately to touch back down on the ground, to reach out to the Juju, to no avail. As she flails, another shard pierces her in the chest, sending her faster into the singularity. Vriska is horrified as the reality of her fate settles in, and she screams as she falls into the black hole entirely, moments before John finally emerges from the Juju.


She kills Gamzee.

In Homestuck^2: Beyond Canon[]

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  • Hussie frequently joked on his formspring about Vriska: that she would "be his bride", that she is "the fattest of all" and the wedding would be at Sea World, that if she were on his bed he'd have to lift her out via crane, that Vriska will have to bring her god tier outfit to the tailor to be let out, WAY out, for their wedding, that her consorts were Pooh Bears, that Vriska went on a diet and he divorced her, and that he signed a prenuptial with her but she ate it. He later rounded up all of the formspring jokes in the following response: "Fat Mexican Vriska has nice ass, and I am presently married to this woman. I feed her a steady diet of surprise noodles, finish crumbs, and every day I must pry her monstrous carriage out of bed with a shout pole. From time to time, we seem to endure various forms of marital strife." He later says that he will only make his move on Vriska after she has been fattened up by the horrorterrors.
  • Some fans have speculated that Vriska is implied to be transgender in her Pesterquest route, citing that she emphasizes her gender on her Flarp sheet, insists the MSPA Reader does not call her "dude," and speaks on her desire to be someone else. The twitter user @furryIatula, who found Toblerone #10 in the Toblerone Hunt, had previously requested that trans Vriska be made canon, something Andrew Hussie passed onto the creative team. Another indication that Vriska might be trans is that the route's author Kate Mitchell liked a tweet stating that "Vriska is literally, canonically, in every sense of the word, a trans girl."
  • Vriska is also implied to be dyspraxic in her Pesterquest route, as dyspraxia is mentioned in the warning section, and she is shown to struggle with movement abilities throughout it.

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