Picture 8

You drop the GUN, the TOMMY GUN, and the MACHINE GUN because you suddenly remember your VIM is not nearly high enough to carry them.

In Problem Sleuth, weapons have weight, and a character cannot wield a weapon if they have insufficient Vim, and will be unable to pick up the weapon, or if it is in their possession, they will drop it.

There are three classes of weaponry, and certain characters can lift up to a certain class. This does not mean that a character can not lift a lower class, however. Ace Dick is not restricted to Heavy Weaponry only, and can lift all weapons. Pickle Inspector however, can only wield what is listed in the Light Weaponry category.

Some weapons do not have the Weapon Encumbrance check, and this list assumes what position they would be in, due to their size and overall generalization of weight.

Weapon Class Character Examples
Light Weaponry Pickle Inspector Gun, 2 by 4, Bandoleer of Grenades, Prussian Kuirassier Helmet, Skeleton Brush, Sniper Rifle, Knife
Medium Weaponry Problem Sleuth, Nervous Broad Tommy Gun, Stun Gun, Flamethrower, Chainsaw, Tectrixcalibur
Heavy Weaponry Ace Dick, Mobster Kingpin, Hysterical Dame (?) Machine Gun, Brass Knuckles, Fork
The Strongest Man on Earth THE STRONGEST ACE DICK Megaton Key

At one point in time Pickle Inspector carries the Machine Gun, Tommy Gun, and the Hand Gun for one slide until he remembers weapon encumbrance and drops them all. Amusingly enough, Hysterical Dame is able to carry all three weapons at once, suggesting her Vim gauge to be very high.

The Megaton Key can only be lifted by the Strongest Man on Earth. Of course, strengths may differ due to certain Battle techniques or someone taking a trip to a particular area.

Homestuck subtly has this feature as well, as John Egbert does not have the strength to wield the Sledgehammer properly and ends up knocking himself out.