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Certain Fetch Modi have the odd property of launching items from the Sylladex when it can no longer hold any items due to excessive Captchaloguing. This has a nasty habit of causing serious damage to windows, dolls, hair, posters, birds, and - most helpfully - one's enemies.

Weaponizing the Sylladex is a technique used in Homestuck that utilizes this bug feature during Strife. By overloading the Sylladex, a combatant can force items out, thus launching them foe-ward. This technique is best used when the weapons available are not nearly as powerful as the heavy objects that are in the Sylladex, as the Sylladex can handle heavier objects with ease. This technique is illustrated somewhat in Data Structures for Assholes, albeit in its usual rude and condescending manner.

This technique has been used multiple times during the story, both intentionally and accidentally:

  • John rains destruction on his Bedroom - some items fly out the window, and a few smash into one of his posters - while shitting around with his stupid Sylladex.
  • John defeats a Shale Imp with a catapulted Sledgehammer head after performing a Sweet Catch with his ejected PDA.
  • John still hasn't quite got the hang of his Sylladex by the time he reduces it to two cards (the inventory of dumbasses). This results in a harlequin figurine and the Cruxite Apple totem being lost to the void, John's PDA being launched and subsequently caught by Rose, an original Colonel Sassacre's flying through what used to be a solid wall to flatten another Shale Imp, and finally the Cosbytop Computer being fired at an Imp and falling into the void.
  • Rose's Tree fetch modus likely cannot launch items. However, she could presumably drop multiple heavy objects on an enemy by severing them from the root card.
  • Dave murders the Crow that steals his Sburb discs by accidentally launching his Ninja Sword at it.
  • Dave shits around with his stupid Hash Map Sylladex, launching various dangerous objects such as shurikens as he attempts to load up his inventory... at least until he enables "detect collisions".
  • Dave's Sylladex seems to have a unique button on it labeled "Eject" that launches all the items out of his sylladex at once. Considering Dave's Sylladex seems to have a naturally high launch speed and seems to be constantly filled to the brim with sharp or explosive objects, this button could be extremely dangerous or extremely powerful. Probably both.
  • When John is exploring the Land of Wind and Shade, the player can do this by picking up or selecting items
  • Dave planned to utilize this technique while fighting his Bro, but ended up forgetting in the heat of the battle.
  • Dirk does this in his rap-off against Squarewave.
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