You're up to your neck in it.

Weird puzzle shit is used to refer the genre of game that includes MS Paint Adventures. The majority of the time spent playing MSPA games is having one fairly simple goal that explodes into a wild mess of complicated... weird puzzle shit. It's just never as simple as it seems. Most gameplay in MS Paint Adventures comes from this concept. Typically a fairly simple goal is to be achieved, and due to the increasingly evolving weird puzzle shit, the game becomes more and more complicated. Weird puzzle shit often takes "Hundreds of Pages" to solve, and weird puzzle shit occurs so often cheat codes are typed in to skip really long and boring parts of the game.

The only exception to exposure from weird puzzle shit is Bard Quest, as it takes a deviation from typical weird puzzle shit and goes with a Choose-Your-Own-Adventure instead.

Weird puzzle shit also alludes to a slight breaking of the fourth wall. A good example of this is when Problem Sleuth tells a Hysterical Dame on the phone that he's "Up to his neck in this weird puzzle shit."Mspa icon.png and promptly hangs up. This statement may indicate that Problem Sleuth has a half-conscious awareness that his entire existence consists of and is centered around weird puzzle shit. Oddly enough, Hysterical Dame sympathizes with his need to address the weird puzzle shit, possibly understanding what it is that he's talking about, or she just may have thought that while being in one of her slight fits of Hysterics.

Weird puzzle shit is phrased repeatedly in a manner similar to - weird puzzle shit can be really frustrating sometimes.Mspa icon.png as output from the game, especially when commands given don't give a desired result, such as that there is no more weird puzzle shit to deal with.

Weird plot shit is a variance of weird puzzle shit. It refers to hidden motifs and other glaringly obvious inclusions, intrusions, and other repetitive themes into the game that occur frequently.

Weird Puzzle Shit occurs constantly in MS Paint Adventures. It's why you play the game.

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