Wizard painting

A painting of an EXQUISITE WIZARDHS.

Wizards are recurring objects and motifs in Homestuck and MS Paint Adventures.

Practitioners of magic, wizards are generally depicted in the classical European sense, with flowing beards, loose clothes and large hats.

In Bard Quest and Problem SleuthEdit

The first wizard to appear in MS Paint Adventures is known simply as the swamp wizardMspa icon. Though their appearance in Bard Quest is only brief, they later reappear in Problem Sleuth within a game of wizard's sudokuMspa icon.

In HomestuckEdit

In Rose's houseEdit

Rose Lalonde's house is full of figures and images of wizards, mostly belonging to her Mom. Rose believes that her mother only collects them ironicallyHS, implying at first that she herself hates wizards but later admitting that she likes them, and that it's her mother's obsession with feigning interest in themHS that she dislikes (much like her assumption that her mother had Jaspers' Mausoleum built out of antagonism). Dave, however, believes that her mother probably digs wizards for real, a claim supported by the presence of wizard dolls in Rose's mother's roomHS.

The most impressive wizard in Rose's house is a 20-foot granite statue of a wizard named ZAZZERPAN THE LEARNEDHS, appeared in Rose's own wizard fiction as well as in her published work post-scratch. Zazzerpan's weight is used to open Rose's Cruxtruder during her entry into the Medium, during which his hand was broken off. Zazzerpan otherwise survived entry into Sburb, remaining on the Land of Light and Rain until the aftermath ofHS GAME OVER. Even later, he was utilized by John and Roxy in a fraymotif in [S] Collide.

In Roxy's houseEdit

Much like her room pre-scratch, Roxy's room also contains wizard dolls, owing to her genuine wizard fascinationHS.

In alchemyEdit

Items alchemised using the images of wizardsHS are said to possess magical properties owing to their wizard components; items like Rose's needlewands are among the purportedly magical items alchemized in this way. Doc Scratch later disputes thisHS, however, suggesting the power of the wands comes from a more tangible source.

In Eridan's hiveEdit

Several wizard statues adorn the inside of Eridan Ampora's hive, which Eridan confesses interest in despite his insistence that they are not realHS. After acquiring his empiricist's wand (likely alchemized in much the same way as Rose's needlewands), Eridan once refers to himself as a mighty wwizard of wwhite scienceHS rather than of magic.

In real lifeEdit

Prior to their in-comic appearance in Rose's house, Andrew Hussie famously went to great lengths to obtain wallpapers depicting wizards from software infected with spyware. This was later parodied during the Skaianet Systems Incorporated event, which included a folder containing images of wizards and claiming to have incorporated the reader's computer into the Skaianet blockchain.

Another early project of Hussie's involved the defacement of a book about wizards.

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