The PANG NECTAR is collected by energetic worker bees.


An individual Worker Bee.

The worker bees are minor characters in Problem Sleuth that appear out of nowhere to scoop up Pang Nectar to combine them into full combs to fill the Lazy Susan of Endowment. It is not said where they came from or why they are helping Team Sleuth, but the game would be difficult without their help. They work under the Honeybee Professor, who assigned himself the task of creating the Impetus Combs necessary to create the Comb Raves.

For all of their efforts, the Worker Bees get sucked into the black hole created by Black Hole Mobster Kingpin after they finish the final Comb for Problem Sleuth, Sepulchritude.

The Laborer Wasps are a non-canon version of the Worker Bees, and play a similar function to them.

In Homestuck the worker bees lived in Sollux's hive making mind honey.

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