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Xefros' hive is located in Outglut. The hive is built around a large tree, and is characterized by its excessive cleanliness. It is situated directly across from Dammek's hive.


Xefros' respiteblock.jpg

Xefros' Respiteblock has a simple layout. Desks line the walls of the room, with arena stickball memorabilia, band posters, butler tools, books and bent spoons on their various surfaces. Xefros' recuperacoon sits on top of a small loft section accessible by ladder and a closet is tucked between the loft and the desk Xefros uses for his tablet and custom microphone. Two doors are accessible through this room: one leads to the hive's Gander Precipice (which faces out from back of the hive) and the other is an exit to the hall.

Upstairs Hallway[]

Xefros' hallway.png

A small hallway that contains Xefros' cleaning tools and various Grubbles and Stickball posters. One door leads to the respiteblock and the other leads to the Rumpus room. There is another room behind his cleaning suplies that is his Lusus' shed, in which Zoosmell sleeps. The hallway floor is very clean and spotless. The stairs lead to the living room.

Rumpus Room[]

The Rumpus room contains a large assortment of arena stickball memorabilia, a video-game console, a Foosball table, sopor-stuffed beanbag chairs, a big-screen TV and the vault that contains the food for Xefros' Lusus. The vault can only be opened through telekinesis. Xefros' Cuebat can also be found here.

Living Room[]

Xefros' living room.jpg

The living room contains Xefros' empire-mandated royal portrait, which depicts the heiress, with the caption reading "THE HEIRESS: ALL YOUR HIVES ARE BELONG TO US" in Alternian. There is also another big-screen TV and console near a set of couches. The front entrance of the hive can be accessed from here. Also in this room is the tree he designed his hive around.


Xefros' kitchen.jpg

Xefros' lusus has a habit of sleeping near the back exit of the building, which can be accessed from here. It also contains a fridge that Xefros stores his food, as well as Grub Juice, in.


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