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Xefros Tritoh is one of the protagonists in the video game Hiveswap. He is a young burgundy blooded troll who helps Joey Claire after she finds herself stranded on Alternia.

His sign is Ariborn, sign of the Escapee, which has a Derse sway and is bound to the Rage aspect.

Concept and creation[]

Prongle preview

Xefros visible in the "Top Shellfish Fronds" screen of an early development version of Chittr.

During the Prongle stage of Hiveswap's conceptual development, Xefros' placeholder profile picture was that of a fork bent into the sign of the horns gesture, referencing both Xefros' interest in rock and roll music and his habit of telekinetically meddling with cutlery.


Xefros may derive from "Zephyrus", an Ancient Greek spirit of the wind, possibly tying into the connections between Dammek's name and the element of earth. The Greek word "ξεφρος" also means 'mad',[citation needed] possibly tying to Xefros' suppressed anger and his Rage-bound sign.

Tritoh refers to his lusus; "tri-toe" as in a three toed sloth.


Xefros is a plain-looking troll with flat teeth and simple, curved horns resembling the "generic" troll horns seen around Alternia, such as in the logo for the Trollian chat client and on Equius Zahhak's sparring robots.


Xefros is first seen shortly after Joey Claire is spirited away to Alternia and Dammek is similarly sent to Earth. He initially believes Joey is Dammek testing him before realizing she is a lost alien who has somehow been sent to Alternia. He tries to help her, despite the dangerous Drone raid going on in his neighborhood, but a missile hits his home and he gets trapped under the debris, forcing Joey to save him instead. Joey manages to save Xefros and the two leave with both Dammek's and Xefros' lusii to meet up with Xefros' friend.

Personality and traits[]

Xefros is a timid, passive troll with a kind heart and low self-esteem. Due to Dammek's influence and the general mistreatment of low-bloods in Alternia, Xefros does not think highly of himself or any of his abilities, and shows some anxiety over his fading childhood. He has a tendency to apologize a lot. He is also training to be a butler, and is not very excited at the prospect, but diligently keeps his own hive clean regardless.

Despite his weaker tendencies, Xefros shows a compassionate, trusting nature, and is willing to put himself in danger to help someone in need. He is a follower of Dammek's rebellion.

Xefros' favorite pastime is the Alternian sport of arena stickball. He is also a Flarper, and the singer in his and Dammek's garage band, The Grubbels.

Skills and abilities[]

Xefros powers

An enraged Xefros lifting another troll into the air with ease.

Xefros' psionic abilities are much weaker than those possessed by most other rust blooded trolls. His most common psychic feat is bending spoons; even opening the novelty lock on his safe exhausts him to the point of needing to refresh his energy with Grub Juice.[citation needed] In times of anger, however, his abilities seemingly spike in power, showing immense potential for improvement: after seeing Joey knocked to the ground by the much more powerful gold blood Azdaja Knelax, Xefros shrugged off one of Azdaja's blasts and was able to telekinetically beat the gold blood into the ground several times.



Xefros's lusus (named Zoosmell by default), is a giant sloth-like creature, known as a Glacial Treetrudger. A slow-moving creature, prone to laying in inconvenient areas, the lusus is a picky eater and a constant sleeper. Xefros appears to have a fairly typical relationship with his guardian, being somewhat annoyed with its behavior, but still shows an understanding that the creature means well and is just looking out for him. The creature joins Joey, Xefros and Dammek's lusus on their journey to seek out a mutual friend of Xefros and Dammek.


Though Dammek is Xefros' moirail, Xefros appears skittish and wary when he thinks he is talking to him. Dammek seems to quiz or test Xefros on espionage technique regularly and without warning, and their relationship overall is less than warm; even when the two of them are alone together, Dammek will dictate what Xefros eats[1] and when he takes photographs[2], and Xefros' involvement in The Grubbels seems to have been at Dammek's command[3]. Xefros' hive also appears to be under Dammek's CCTV surveillance[image?], and Xefros has undergone training to "sleep anywhere" by sleeping on the floor without sopor slime at Dammek's behest[citation needed].

Though Xefros at first denies any unhealthy element to his relationship with Dammek, through his friendship with Joey and with her help he eventually seeks to be more independent and assertive.[citation needed]

Joey Claire[]

Xefros first encountered Joey shortly after her accidental arrival on Alternia. He is able to communicate to her via Dammek's tablet, however at first does not believe that she is not Dammek himself. Through a series of multiple issues, Xefros realizes Joey is an alien to him and decides to help her, only to get crushed by falling rubble, causing Joey to have to help him instead. Joey, although generally confused by Xefros' alien behavior, and frustrated with his initially cagey attitude, is fond of Xefros and defends his worth during a moment of self-doubt. The two seem to be establishing a friendship.

During Act 2 they become closer as Joey helps him gain more confidence in himself, and he becomes very protective of her.


Xefros hints that he has a crush on a boy in Act 1 of Hiveswap[citation needed]; his blush while talking to Tegiri Kalbur and Idarat Catlaz[image?] may indicate that his crush is of the same teal blood.


Concept artwork[]




  1. Cohen Edenfield. This was a great night. Dammek insisted you have HALF the flavor disc! Your LUSUS took this picture, a delightful trick he has never repeated. Hiveswap: Act 1. September 14, 2017.
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