The Yellow Yard

The Yellow Yard is the limit of Andrew Hussie's direct interference in the story of Homestuck. This limit was first established in a fourth wall-breaking message to the readerHS.svg, in which he explains that his frequent self-inserts will inevitably cause him to directly interact with the story he created. To prevent this from ruining Homestuck, he chooses to restrict his interference to a single, passive moment located entirely within an area the size of the distance light travels in three nanoseconds: one yard. The yard is delineated by WV's weaponized meter stick basic human measurement unitHS.svg, with the excess 8.56 cm SNOPped offHS.svg.

In Seer: Descend there is a book which reads:

Though we adore Him we shall never enjoy His beauteous Croak. We spill our blood on acres of black and white so they may cross the yellow yard. At last in Skaia's reflection through broken glass He may find the pond in which He's meant to squat.

According to Karkat, Jade's plan involves a yellow yard (which he calls a YELLOW LAWN RING, the troll word for a different kind of yard). In [S] CascadeHS.svg, it is revealed that Jade's plan is to use the Fenestrated wall that she captchalogued on her future self's instructionsHS.svg (passed on via Karkat), expanding it until it is large enough to fly through on a Prospitian ship, taking John, the Battlefield and the kids' planets with her. To allow this plan to work, Hussie sets up the Yellow YardHS.svg by placing a second Fenestrated Wall in his apartment, exactly one yard away from the wall connected to Jade's. In Intermission 2HS.svg, the ship is seen emerging from the Fenestrated Wall on the right in Hussie's apartment, just after Lord English retrieves his coat, and starts to cross the Yellow Yard.

The Yellow Yard and the second Fenestrated Wall, as seen by John and Jade.

Their entry into the apartment is noticed by Hussie in his super-fast Hussiebot form, and he immediately rushes over to the YardHS.svg to begin his interference. He considers killing John and Jade off and ruining the story, but lacks enough time to do something that drastic and opts to level them up instead. The two would eventually notice Hussiebot, prompting him to throw a green curtain over the wall setup to prevent any further interaction with them.

Although the trip would only last three nanoseconds from Hussiebot's perspective, it would take three years from John and Jade's perspective.

Beyond the opposite Fenestrated Wall is the Post-Scratch Sburb Session of Jane Crocker, Jake English, Roxy Lalonde, and Dirk Strider. It is impliedHS.svg that Jake's Grandma stole the fourth Fenestrated Wall from Derse, much like Jade's Grandpa did, possibly sometime before the Condesce usurped the Black Queen's throne. Jake is seen with a Fenestrated Wall, proving this correct.

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