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The twelve signs of the human zodiac as seen when Aradia fights Bec Noir.

The zodiac is a concept in astrology, where a number of signs relating to constellations have influence on the world. The concept of the zodiac, and in particular the western one, features prominently in Homestuck, most notably through the trolls, and is also connected to the cherubs. The twelve signs of the western zodiac on Earth are represented by the same symbols appearing on the shirts of the twelve trolls who created Universe B, and it would appear that due to the influence of these trolls (or at least, not coincidentally) the western zodiac's signs represent various traits of theirs.

On Alternia, each member of a given caste is to be labeled with one symbol derived from an alphabet used for that caste, after their hatching. The symbol for Cancer is specifically derived from a method of executionSburb Logo. On November 27, 2017, an "extended zodiac" of 288 signs from all combinations of sign class, lunar sway (dream moon), and aspect was revealed, representing at least part of the alphabet of signs used on Alternia.

It was previously mentioned that trolls have 48 signsSburb Logo for a version of a zodiac similar to that of the human zodiac, however it is presumably independent of the extended zodiac, which is purely used for sign assignations (and only associated with the astrological zodiac concept from a human perspective). Andrew Hussie has joked that the trolls have 48 of these signs because of the 48 squiddles that created their universe. It may be worth noting however that Ptolemy in his categorization of the constellations listed 48 constellations.

The Human Zodiac Edit

Zodiac Earth

Earth surrounded by the twelve human zodiac signs, tinted by the blood color of their corresponding troll.

The human zodiac, known in the real world simply as the traditional western conception of the "zodiac", is an ancient astrological concept that defines twelve constellations and corresponding regions that span a line that can be traced around the ecliptic; the path that the sun follows around the celestial sphere in a year. These regions are then utilized to define the positions of certain celestial objects at certain dates and times in order to make predictions. The human universes in Homestuck share this concept with our world, with the exception of the fact that the presence of the zodiac in the world and the existence of the equivalent constellations around Earth are seemingly derived from the fact that Universe B was created by the twelve post-Scratch trolls, all of whom bear the traditional human zodiac symbols as their troll symbol. This means that, in Homestuck's universe, the astrological zodiac is ultimately derived from the trolls rather than vice-versa as in the real world.

As the human zodiac symbols are therefore also part of the Alternian troll symbol alphabets, this means that all twelve human zodiac symbols are included as part of the extended zodiac, although this system includes further signs "extended" beyond them. One human zodiac sign belongs to each extended zodiac sign group/caste category, corresponding with the blood colour of the troll who bears it, and these signs constitute the first sign in their respective categories.

The Extended Zodiac Edit


The 288 signs of the trolls' "extended" zodiac.

On November 27, 2017, an "extended zodiac" of 288 signs from all combinations of sign class, lunar sway (dream moon), and aspect was revealed, representing at least part of the alphabet of signs used on Alternia. In the real world, one could determine one's extended zodiac symbol, or "true sign", by means of a canonical extended zodiac quiz, determining your lunar sway and aspect based on a personality quiz (sign class was determined in accordance with the traditional zodiac's birth date groupings). This in turn suggests that the extended zodiac symbols used on Alternia are either assigned in accordance with or associated with particular personality traits, and also allows for the hypothetical aspect and dream moon of a given troll to be determined. A troll's blood caste determines their sign class, and thus the specific set of signs from which this symbol is taken. The exceptions to all these rules are the few canonical trolls that do not have symbols from the extended zodiac alphabet, such as the canon fan trolls, although they may have utilized a different system as they did not originate on Alternia. It is worth noting, however, that Vriska has impliedSburb Logo there are far more signs for each blood caste than are represented in the extended zodiac: "Each class has a huge alpha8et of signs, so when someone shares yours, you know you have a lot in common." This is backed up by seemingly random signs possessed by some of the trolls present in posters featured in Hiveswap.

Naming conventions Edit

The manner in which the names of each sign is decided follows a naming theme. The first half is dictated by the blood color, while the second half is determined by both the Lunar Sway and Aspect (within the context of the Extended Zodiac Quiz, it is unknown if these factors exist within the canon of Hiveswap). There are a total of 12 prefixes and 24 suffixes.

The prefixes and suffixes are derived from fragments of the 12 signs of the classic zodiac.

Rust A(r)-
Bronze Taur-
Gold Gem-
Lime Ca(n)-
Olive Le-
Jade Vir-
Teal Li(b)-
Blue Scor-
Indigo Sagi-
Purple Capri-
Violet Aqu(a)-
Fuchsia Pi-
Prospit Derse
Time -rist -ries
Space -go -ga
Void -ittanius -ittarius
Light -pio -pia
Heart -lo -o
Mind -ra -za
Rage -icorn -iborn
Hope -nius -rius
Life -sci -sces
Doom -mino -mini
Blood -cer -cen
Breath -us -un

Rust SignsEdit


Row 1: Aries, Arsces, Arrius, Ariborn, Arittarius, Arpia, Arza, Arga, Aro, Arcen, Armini, and Arun.
Row 2: Arist, Arsci, Arnius, Aricorn, Arittanius, Arpio, Arra, Argo, Arlo, Arcer, Armino, and Arus.

“Adventure motivates Rust Signs more than anything else. They crave new experiences, the wilder and farther-from-home, the better. They are confident and energetic, ready to face the unknown. This dynamism makes them great leaders, but it can also make them foolhardy. Often, they don't posses the level of caution they should for someone so willing to jump into new things. Their willingness to trust can get them into trouble, but they are also incredibly resilient. Their ability to bounce back from trauma and injury leaves them as the toughest sign class on the spectrum. Rust Signs make great friends and traveling companions, but they also can be selfish and quick to anger. If what they deem to be an acceptable level of "excitement" isn't happening around them, they have a tendency to try to stir some up. They love the drama. They have incredibly high expectations for themselves and for romantic partners. If someone doesn't live up to these, they may deem them not worth their time. If they aren't careful, Rust Signs can end up in a cycle of excitement, followed by crushed expectations, followed by a quick recovery and new flush of excitement.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Rust Signs include the three Aries Aradia Megido, Damara Megido, and The Handmaid, the Ariborn Xefros Tritoh, the Arrius Diemen Xicali, the Aro Fozzer Velyes, and the Arittarius Marsti Houtek.

Prospit Derse
Time Arist
The Headstrong
(True) Aries
The Excavator
Space Argo
The Zenith
The Trailblazer
Void Arittanius
The Voyager
The Astronaut
Light Arpio
The Seeker
The Examiner
Mind Arra
The Wayward
The Inevitable
Heart Arlo
The Mirage
The Lost
Rage Aricorn
The Runaway
The Escapee
Hope Arnius
The Heedless
The Visualizer
Doom Armino
The Static
The Reconciler
Life Arsci
The Medic
The Pilgrim
Blood Arcer
The Officer
The Companion
Breath Arus
The Wanderer
The Impetuous

Bronze SignsEdit


Row 1: Taurus, Taurist, Taursci, Taurnius, Tauricorn, Taurittanius, Taurpio, Taurra, Taurgo, Taurlo, Taurcer, and Taurmino.
Row 2: Taurun, Tauries, Taursces, Taurrius, Tauriborn, Taurittarius, Taurpia, Taurza, Taurga, Tauro, Taurcen, and Taurmini.

“Bronze Signs have a warm and generous disposition, but you might not accuse them of it the first time you meet. They have a tendency toward being withdrawn and slow to open up with new people. This can make them come off as arrogant and cold, like they think they are too good for everyone, although the reality couldn't be further from the truth. In fact, they crave validation and companionship. They are very open-hearted, but if a Bronze Sign decides to dig their heels in, it can be like talking to a wall. More so than any of the other sign classes, Bronze Signs have a marked love of creature comforts. They crave stability and safety, and if they have the means, their homes will be full of beautiful things. Some might accuse them of being hedonistic; they would probably just claim to know what they like. As lovers they can be quite needy, wanting assurances that the affection they feel is reciprocated. Maybe because of this, they have a particular affinity for animals. Don't try to break a Bronze's Sign's routines-they'll resent you for it, even if oftentimes they are too polite to say so.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Bronze Signs include the three Taurus Tavros Nitram, Rufioh Nitram, and The Summoner, the Taurcer Dammek, the Taurist Skylla Koriga, the Taurza Vikare Ratite, and the Taurra Chixie Roixmr.

Prospit Derse
Time Taurist
The Prosperous
The Unsatisfied
Space Taurgo
The Divine
The Guardian
Void Taurittanius
The Utopian
The Skydiver
Light Taurpio
The Student
The Aesthete
Mind Taurra
The Transient
The Revealer
Heart Taurlo
The Extravagant
The Withdrawn
Rage Tauricorn
The Gratified
The Covetous
Hope Taurnius
The Entrepreneur
The Unmapped
Doom Taurmino
The Lonely
The Hermit
Life Taursci
The Convalescent
The Recovered
Blood Taurcer
The Cherished
The Connected
Breath (True) Taurus
The Unfledged
The Liberated

Gold SignsEdit


Row 1: Gemini, Gemun, Gemries, Gemsces, Gemrius, Gemiborn, Gemittarius, Gempia, Gemza, Gemga, Gemo, and Gemcen.
Row 2: Gemino, Gemus, Gemrist, Gemsci, Gemnius, Gemicorn, Gemittanius, Gempio, Gemra, Gemgo, Gemlo, and Gemcer.

“Gold Signs are the reigning geniuses of the sign class spectrum, and chances are they know it. Witty and widely read, they enjoy conversation and debate, even when that conversation gets a little one-sided. They can come off as preachy, and they have a tendency to railroad, just driving into their interlocutors with the force of their intellect. Their arguments make perfect sense to themselves, but not always to those around them. Gold Signs are interested in a wide variety of topics, so they tend to be Jacks-of-all-trade, and can have trouble dedicating themselves to just a single hobby or career. They have a tendency to be high-energy, and can stress people out, including themselves. Their anxiety is such that they often need quite a bit of time alone with their projects. They can talk circles around most people, and they aren't afraid to use their intelligence to manipulate others to get what they want. They are good at making money, and also good at spending it. They aren't great financial planners, tending toward impulse purchases. In romance they lean toward partners who can keep up with them, both with their intellect and their energy, which can both be hard to match.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Gold Signs include the three Gemini Sollux Captor, Mituna Captor, and The Ψiioniic, the Gempio Zebede Tongva, the Gemittarius Folykl Darane, the Gemnius Kuprum Maxlol, the Gemrius Cirava Hermod, and the Gemra Azdaja Knelax.

Prospit Derse
Time Gemrist
The Streetwise
The Savvy
Space Gemgo
The Original
The Ascetic
Void Gemittanius
The Shipwright
The Sapient
Light Gempio
The Concise
The Perspicacious
Mind Gemra
The Pilot
The Shrewd
Heart Gemlo
The Internal
The Wit
Rage Gemicorn
The Anarchic
The Uproarious
Hope Gemnius
The Canny
The Perceptive
Doom Gemino
The Condemned
(True) Gemini
The Cynic
Life Gemsci
The Temperer
The Prudent
Blood Gemcer
The Intimate
The Entertainer
Breath Gemus
The Alert
The Unbridled

Lime SignsEdit


Row 1: Cancer, Camino, Canus, Canrist, Cansci, Cannius, Canicorn, Canittanius, Canpio, Canra, Cango, and Canlo.
Row 2: Cancen, Camini, Canun, Canries, Cansces, Canrius, Caniborn, Canittarius, Canpia, Canza, Canga, and Cano.

“Lime Signs are tumultuous, bringing great emotion and creativity to their endeavors. They are resolute in their decisions; if they are going to do something, they do it. They have a tendency toward melodrama, especially when they feel passionately about something, and their bad moods are loud and usually difficult to conceal. Hiding their feelings does not come naturally to them, so many Lime Signs cultivate a hard outer shell to hide the passionate, caring person inside. Lime Signs tend to have a large group of friends-they draw people to them with allure and the promise of excitement, and are usually unaware that they are doing it. They tend to focus on their own flaws, rather than their good points. Although they are exceedingly kind and empathetic individuals, many Lime Signs posses a mean streak. If you catch them on a bad day, they can be incredibly vicious. But it they take care to use their power for good, they make very loyal companions. Romance is extremely important to Lime Signs, and when they fall, they fall hard. They don't take rejection well, and a breakup can send them into a tailspin requiring an extended period of recovery.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Lime Signs include the Cancer Karkat Vantas, along with The Signless receiving it posthumously based on the shape of his shackles. Both of these characters have been confirmed to be limebloods who carry a mutation making their blood bright cherry red. No known limeblood trolls have been revealed in Hiveswap thus far. Unlike the other signs in this class, (True) Cancer is "uncolored" because it is a rare sign that "transcends the Sign Class Spectrum altogether. " Notably, the title for Cancer shares its title with its corresponding post-scratch ancestor.

Prospit Derse
Time Canrist
The Vehement
The Scrapper
Space Cango
The Opus
The Playwright
Void Canittanius
The Romantic
The Striking
Light Canpio
The Effervescent
The Informer
Mind Canra
The Constrained
The Producer
Heart Canlo
The Thespian
The Translucent
Rage Canicorn
The Storm
The Tumultuous
Hope Cannius
The Theatrical
The Helper
Doom Camino
The Consoler
The Commiserator
Life Cansci
The Reliever
The Mover
Blood (True) Cancer
The Signless
The Nexus
Breath Canus
The Unbound
The Vociferous

Olive SignsEdit


Row 1: Leo, Lecen, Lemini, Leun, Leries, Lesces, Lerius, Leiborn, Leittarius, Lepia, Leza, and Lega.
Row 2: Lelo, Lecer, Lemino, Leus, Lerist, Lesci, Lenius, Leicorn, Leittanius, Lepio, Lera, and Lego.

“Olive Signs are, by and large, incredibly agreeable people. They are generous and enthusiastic, ready to offer help to anyone who needs it. Luck plays a large role in their lives; Olive Signs have a knack for being in the right place at the right time. And even in the case that their luck goes bad, they can ride rough patches out without falling too far into depression or hopelessness. That said, Olive Signs are most comfortable with things that they are familiar with; new places and ideas often alarm them, resulting in a dogmatic insistence that their way is the right way. They can be quite bossy and domineering, although that usually comes out of a genuine belief that they know best and can help the ones they care about. They are extremely faithful friends and lovers, ready to drop everything and go into helper mode. However, if their trust is breached, there's no going back. No one can hold a grudge like an Olive Sign, and they aren't afraid to just pick up and leave if they decide something isn't working for them. Romance and companionship are extremely important to them, so even if they get hurt, their hearts remain open.”

Characters with Olive Signs include the three Leo Nepeta Leijon, Meulin Leijon, and The Disciple, the Leiborn Charun Krojib, the Leus Polypa Goezee, the Lelo Boldir Lamati, and the Lepia Konyyl Okimaw. Notably, the title for Leo shares its title with its corresponding post-scratch ancestor.

Prospit Derse
Time Lerist
The Advancer
The Tenacious
Space Lego
The Nomad
The Stoic
Void Leittanius
The Emphatic
The Ardent
Light Lepio
The Fortunate
The Synthesizer
Mind Lera
The Chameleon
The Pliant
Heart Lelo
The Steadfast
(True) Leo
The Disciple
Rage Leicorn
The Unforgiving
The Paradox
Hope Lenius
The Restless
The Staunch
Doom Lemino
The Sympathetic
The Trusted
Life Lesci
The Polisher
The Instructor
Blood Lecer
The Loyalist
The Provident
Breath Leus
The Flexible
The Migrant

Jade SignsEdit


Row 1: Virgo, Virlo, Vircer, Virmino, Virus, Virist, Virsci, Virnius, Viricorn, Virittanius, Virpio, and Virra.
Row 2: Virga, Viro, Vircen, Virmini, Virun, Viries, Virsces, Virrius, Viriborn, Virittarius, Virpia, and Virza.

“Jade Signs are the zodiac's caretakers. Intelligent and steady, they are excellent organizers and planners. They are detail-oriented, and can tend toward perfectionism, never satisfied with their endeavors. If you hire on a Jade Sign, be prepared for an excellent product, but also no peace until that project is flawless. They are fussy and particular, which can cause friction with those around them, although a Jade Sign holds no one to as high a standard as they hold themselves. Since they are shy with strangers and slow to open up, Jade Signs can often come off as timid or doormats, when really they just prefer to come at conflicts in a less combative way. Naturally loyal and loving, they make wonderful doctors, parents, and caretakers, whether they are taking care of people, pets, or plants. In relationships, they can be slow to open up, and need someone willing to be patient enough to go at their pace. If all of this makes Jade Signs sound soft and nurturing, they are, but keep in mind that they can also be fiercely destructive if those they care about are threatened. It takes a lot to make a Jade Sign snap, but if they do, take cover.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Jade Signs include the three Virgo Kanaya Maryam, Porrim Maryam, and The Dolorosa, the Virnius Daraya Jonjet, the Viriborn Lynera Skalbi, the Virmino Wanshi Adyata, the Virus Bronya Ursama, and the Virsci Lanque Bombyx.

Interestingly, many of the Jade Signs were actually shown in HomestuckSburb Logo prior to the reveal of the complete official extended zodiac, making them the only non-traditional extended zodiac signs to appear in the comic proper.

Prospit Derse
Time Virist
The Protector
The Mother
Space (True) Virgo
The Fruitful
The Pure
Void Virittanius
The Deliberate
The Patient
Light Virpio
The Hearth
The Perfectionist
Mind Virra
The Sage
The Puzzle
Heart Virlo
The Foundation
The Redemptive
Rage Viricorn
The Lethal
The Stringent
Hope Virnius
The Fierce
The Vindicated
Doom Virmino
The Inexhaustible
The Abiding
Life Virsci
The Alchemist
The Roborant
Blood Vircer
The Accountable
The Liable
Breath Virus
The Adaptable
The Eager

Teal SignsEdit


Row 1: Libra, Ligo, Liblo, Licer, Limino, Libus, Librist, Libsci, Libnius, Libicorn, Libittanius, and Lipio.
Row 2: Libza, Liga, Libo, Licen, Limini, Libun, Libries, Libsces, Librius, Libiborn, Libittarius, and Lipia.

“Teal Signs are natural charmers. Social and flirtatious, they are great at parties and public speaking events. Even though they aren't afraid to use their many engaging qualities in both personal and business ventures, they have a strong moral sense. Right and wrong are very obvious to a Teal Sign, and it can frustrate them that others don't see the world the same way they do. Their idealism can make them strong defenders of justice, but it can also result in them being incredibly let down. Their strict adherence to procedure can lead to errors in judgement; they can be gullible and too quick to trust. They have vibrant imaginations, and enjoy fiction and roleplaying, and often those games will resemble the lives they want to be living. Deep down, they often long for a hero, someone they can idolize and count on, with the smarts and charisma to keep up with them. Unfortunately, they have a tendency to get involved with people who are very obviously wrong for them out of a desire not to be alone. Many Teal Signs are better off being single, at least until someone really extraordinary comes along.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Teal Signs include the three Libra Terezi Pyrope, Latula Pyrope, and Neophyte Redglare, the Licer Tyzias Entykk, the Libittarius Tegiri Kalbur, the Liblo Tirona Kasund, the Liga Tagora Gorjek, and the Licen Stelsa Sezyat.

Prospit Derse
Time Librist
The Guerrilla
The Executive
Space Ligo
The Circumscribed
The Dogged
Void Libittanius
The Skeptic
The Hidden
Light Lipio
The Initiate
The Networker
Mind (True) Libra
The Watcher
The Acute
Heart Liblo
The Inescapable
The Militant
Rage Libicorn
The Dismantler
The Finale
Hope Libnius
The Certain
The Seamstress
Doom Limino
The Endurer
The Abider
Life Libsci
The Absolver
The Enhancer
Blood Licer
The Charmer
The Worshipper
Breath Libus
The Vibrant
The Escapist

Blue SignsEdit


Row 1: Scorpio, Scorra, Scorgo, Scorlo, Scorcer, Scormino, Scorus, Scorist, Scorsci, Scornius, Scoricorn, and Scorittanius.
Row 2: Scorpia, Scorza, Scorga, Scoro, Scorcen, Scormini, Scorun, Scories, Scorsces, Scorrius, Scoriborn, Scorittarius

“Let's not mince words: Blue Signs are the ones to watch. Of all the sign classes, they have the potential to do the most good, but also cause the worse harm. They can be incredibly effective, and also incredibly destructive. Tell a Blue Sign this and chances are they would agree with you. They are magnetic and adaptive, able to adjust how they present themselves in any situation. They have a mask for every occasion. They are obsessively dedicated, willing to throw themselves into work, play, and everything in between. Because of this, Blue Signs are highly valuable allies and friends. However, they are very selective when it comes to who they let into their inner circle. You could be best friends with a Blue Sign and still never truly know them. They are powerful and successful, but they also tend toward jealousy. They often resent those they see as more well-positioned than they are. A well-adjusted Blue Sign is fantastically competent and inspiring, but a Blue Sign at their worst is a force for chaos. In love they can find themselves having to choose between their ambitions and their relationships, often with great difficulty.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Blue Signs include the three Scorpio Vriska Serket, Aranea Serket, and Marquise Spinneret Mindfang, the Scormini Ardata Carmia, the Scorist Mallek Adalov, the Scornius ?????? Elwurd, and the Scorgo Remele Namaaq.

Prospit Derse
Time Scorist
The Mutineer
The Redeemer
Space Scorgo
The Crusader
The Deviser
Void Scorittanius
The Righteous
The Doubtful
Light (True) Scorpio
The Conqueror
The Emperor
Mind Scorra
The Impromptu
The Strategist
Heart Scorlo
The Devious
The Wondrous
Rage Scoricorn
The Destructive
The Dangerous
Hope Scornius
The Radical
The Cunning
Doom Scormino
The Fatalistic
The Martyr
Life Scorsci
The Fixer
The Alleviator
Blood Scorcer
The Champion
The Uniter
Breath Scorus
The Victorious
The Insurgent

Indigo SignsEdit


Row 1: Sagittarius, Sagipia, Sagiza, Sagiga, Sagio, Sagicen, Sagimini, Sagiun, Sagiries, Sagisces, Sagirius, and Sagiborn.
Row 2: Sagittanius, Sagipio, Sagira, Sagigo, Sagilo, Sagicer, Sagimino, Sagius, Sagirist, Sagisci, Saginius, and Sagicorn.

“Indigo Signs are the enthusiasts of the sign classes. Friendly and cheerful, their optimism is contagious. Being around a well-adjusted Indigo Sign is always a good time. It's hard not to be drawn into their excitable orbit, just like they are drawn in by anything and everything that piques their interest. And those interests are liable to change at any time. Indigo Signs will often surprise their friends and family by declaring they are no longer interested in what just last week they were claiming was their jam. If you catch an Indigo Signs in a philosophical mood, they can be unexpectedly poignant and introspective. A downside of all this jovial enthusiasm is that Indigo Signs often don't know their own strength. They are known to be careless, both physically and emotionally, their conversations punctuated by jostling elbows and tactless comments. They don't usually mean to offend, and are often shocked to find out they upset anyone. When this happens, they can dig their heels in and insist they did nothing wrong. In romance, Indigo Signs need partners who can keep up with their expansive personalities, as well as forgive them for the occasional hurt feeling or two.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Indigo Signs include the three Sagittarius Equius Zahhak, Horuss Zahhak, and The Expatri8, the Sagicorn Nihkee Moolah, the Sagira Amisia Erdehn, the Sagicer Galekh Xigisi, and the Sagimino Zebruh Codakk.

Prospit Derse
Time Sagirist
The Rebel
The Revolutionary
Space Sagigo
The Creator
The Builder
Void Sagittanius
The Nascent
(True) Sagittarius
The Engineer
Light Sagipio
The Detective
The Empirical
Mind Sagira
The Tenable
The Inventor
Heart Sagilo
The Lofty
The Ego
Rage Sagicorn
The Wild
The Rampant
Hope Saginius
The Believer
The Bardic
Doom Sagimino
The Penitent
The Lurid
Life Sagisci
The Genuine
The Fervent
Blood Sagicer
The Hostess
The Teacher
Breath Sagius
The Traveler
The Journeyman

Purple SignsEdit


Row 1: Capricorn, Caprittanius, Capripio, Caprira, Caprigo, Caprilo, Capricer, Caprimino, Caprius, Caprist, Caprisci, and Caprinius.
Row 2: Capriborn, Caprittarius, Capripia, Capriza, Capriga, Caprio, Capricen, Caprimini, Capriun, Capries, Caprisces, and Capririus.

“Purple Signs are the workaholics of the sign classes. Ambitious and driven, they have a very specific path in mind to reach the pinnacle of their field, and will work tirelessly toward it. However, if their practical brains convince them that their goal is unrealistic, they may be slow to trust anyone with the secret of their true desires. They are often very funny, their wit veering toward the dryly macabre. Their fatalism can be incredibly humorous or terrible, depending who you ask. Purple Signs are usually the people who will say out loud what everyone else was thinking but was too nervous to mention. They are very stubborn, and once they've made up their mind about something, whether it be a restaurant choice or a political affiliation, it is difficult to change. They have trouble admitting they were mistaken, and also that they are upset. An oft-repeated phrase of the Purple Signs is, "It's fine, don't worry about it." They will let arguments fester rather than face them head on. In love they tend to be strictly monogamous and fiercely devoted, ready to pledge themselves to a person the same way they do their goals-utterly, and without reservation.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Purple Signs include the three Capricorn Gamzee Makara, Kurloz Makara, and The Grand Highblood, the Caprist Marvus Xoloto, the Capriun Barzum Soleil, the Caprimini Baizli Soleil, the Caprinius Chahut Maenad, and the Caprira Karako Pierot.

Prospit Derse
Time Caprist
The Audacious
The Bold
Space Caprigo
The Lacuna
The Surveyor
Void Caprittanius
The Brazen
The Rift
Light Capripio
The Risk-taker
The Brusque
Mind Caprira
The Unwavering
The Rigid
Heart Caprilo
The Multifaceted
The Opaque
Rage (True) Capricorn
The Capricious
The Malignant
Hope Caprinius
The Credulous
The Contender
Doom Caprimino
The Enduring
The Perilous
Life Caprisci
The Mendicant
The Uplifted
Blood Capricer
The Defender
The Taskmaster
Breath Caprius
The Climber
The Cartographer

Violet SignsEdit


Row 1: Aquarius, Aquiborn, Aquittarius, Aquapia, Aquaza, Aquaga, Aquo, Aquacen, Aquamini, Aquiun, Aquaries, and Aquasces.
Row 2: Aquanius, Aquicorn, Aquittanius, Aquapio, Aquara, Aquago, Aqualo, Aquacer, Aquamino, Aquius, Aquarist, and Aquasci.

“Violet Signs are the universe's eccentrics. Forget marching to their own drummer-Violets built their own drum, and it's probably weird. A good deal of this is natural, but they also have a distinct bent toward contrariness. They are the sorts to give the popular thing a pass. Personable and outlandish, they are ready to make friends with anyone, although if they aren't careful their 'game for anything' attitude can come across as clingy or desperate. When their feelings are reciprocated, however, they are very loyal friends. Politics and humanitarian causes are often very important to Violet Signs, and they will turn their considerable inventive energy into a sort of noblesse oblige, happy to offer their nontraditional approaches to help others. At their very best Violet Signs are artistic and inspired, but they tread the fine line between genius and maniac. Too often their more esoteric interests can come across as perverse or untoward, and they can have a hard time holding their tempers, especially if they feel that they are being belittled or ignored. Intelligence is enormously attractive to Violet Signs, and often an intellectual connection is necessary for them to be attracted to a prospective partner.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Violet Signs include the three Aquarius Eridan Ampora, Cronus Ampora, and Orphaner Dualscar.

Prospit Derse
Time Aquarist
The Renegade
The Heroic
Space Aquago
The Esoteric
The Campaigner
Void Aquittanius
The Elegant
The Enigma
Light Aquapio
The Maverick
The Eccentric
Mind Aquara
The Contrarian
The Politic
Heart Aqualo
The Puppeteer
The Obsessive
Rage Aquicorn
The Tempest
The Hedonist
Hope Aquanius
The Magician
(True) Aquarius
The Zealous
Doom Aquamino
The Tilted
The Idiosyncratic
Life Aquasci
The Charitable
The Offbeat
Blood Aquacer
The Foretold
The Avant-Garde
Breath Aquius
The Whimsical
The Spontaneous

Fuchsia SignsEdit


Row 1: Pisces, Pirius, Piborn, Pittarius, Pipia, Piza, Piga, Pio, Picen, Pimini, Piun, and Piries.
Row 2: Pisci, Pinius, Picorn, Pittanius, Pipio, Pira, Pigo, Pilo, Picer, Pimino, Pius, and Pirist.

“Fuchsia Signs are the final of the sign classes, fittingly, also the most enigmatic. Possessing a strong imagination, they have an otherworldly quality to them that draws others in. Often, it has more to do with what they don't tell you than what they do, giving them an air of mystery that would more than likely perplex a Fuchsia sign if you told them about it. They aren't usually trying to be alluring-they're just lost in thought. Highly emotional, Fuchsia signs are sensitive and anxious, and tend to spend a lot of time worrying-about the world, the future, and what others think of them. They are artistic and talented, but can suffer from crippling bouts of depression, holding themselves to impossibly high standards. They have rich fantasy lives, and can get so caught up in daydreams that they sometimes forget to actually do things. Many Fuchsia Signs have trouble with follow-through, and it can take a lot to kick them out of their inertia. As far as romance goes, they need partners who are willing to put in the time to go at their pace, and who can handle how sensitive and emotional they can be.”
Extended Zodiac

Characters with Fuchsia Signs include the three Pisces Feferi Peixes, Meenah Peixes, and The Condesce, and the Picen Trizza Tethis.

Prospit Derse
Time Pirist
The Apostate
The Dissenter
Space Pigo
The Artisan
The Designer
Void Pittanius
The Quixotic
The Philosopher
Light Pipio
The Searcher
The Inquiring
Mind Pira
The Visionary
The Conjurer
Heart Pilo
The Spirited
The Pathfinder
Rage Picorn
The Hurricane
The Albatross
Hope Pinius
The Sensational
The Storyteller
Doom Pimino
The Empathetic
The Adjuster
Life Pisci
The Druid
(True) Pisces
The Cleric
Blood Picer
The Confidante
The Compatriot
Breath Pius
The Free
The Unconfined

Characters' extended zodiac signsEdit

The Sufferer

The Signless's execution cuffs form the sign of True Cancer.

Almost every troll character in the Homestuck franchise originating on either Alternia or Beforus has an associated extended zodiac symbol which they were assigned by their culture at birth.

The mutant-blood Vantas characters are a special case, as their blood color is not a traditional part of the Hemospectrum. The sign associated with these characters, True Cancer, originated from the execution cuffs of The Signless, became regarded as his symbol posthumously, and was later applied to his descendant. This is odd, because even though this would imply that True Cancer is not an "official" Alternian sign, it is included in the extended zodiac as one of the Lime signs, albeit a miscolored one. It is unknown if this grouping is an informal one made for the framing process of the extended zodiac - perhaps reflecting a long hypothesized link between the Vantases and Lime bloods, or whether it means that, prior to the elimination of the Lime caste, the sign was a recognized part of the alphabet of Lime signs on Alternia.

Regardless, for the purposes of this list, both Karkat and the Signless are regarded as True Cancer, even though the latter was not assigned the sign at birth and it only became regarded as his posthumously. However, Kankri Vantas was also not assigned the sign at birth on Beforus and is never depicted with it, either on his clothing or person, despite having it reflected in his typing quirk. Given this, it is arguable that he was never "assigned" or even formally adopted this sign at all, in any capacity, even though his sign seemingly would be True Cancer as is the case for the other Vantases. As this list comprises only trolls that were canonically depicted bearing a particular sign, Kankri is therefore not included in this list, despite him being the pre-Scratch incarnation of The Signless, who is included.

The list below comprises all canonical trolls grouped by their extended zodiac symbols, in the order that they appear in's complete sign list; the "extended zodiac order", which is also the order of the Hemospectrum with each blood color further sorted by the given sign orders:

Symbol Characters
True Aries
True Taurus
True Gemini
True Cancer
True Leo
True Virgo
True Libra
True Scorpio
True Sagittarius
True Capricorn
True Aquarius
True Pisces

Additional signs Edit

In 1970, Stephen Schmidt suggested the inclusion of two additional western zodiac signs, Ophiuchus and Cetus; while this suggestion didn't catch on, in 1995 a 13 sign system only adding Ophiuchus to the traditional twelve was suggested by Walter Berg and Mark Yazaki. The 13-sign system has gained traction and as such when the original twelve trolls were introduced many theorized a thirteenth troll to exist. Eventually the character of Calliope was introduced, who initially appeared to be a new troll who used a Caduceus pictogram as their symbol. While Caduceus is not a constellation itself, both it and Ophiuchus are connected to snakes. Later still, Calliope's brother, Caliborn, was introduced, who used the symbol for Ophiuchus. These characters were later revealed to not have been trolls, but rather cherubs, a species possessing serpentine features, and to also share a singular body.

Per the above, two "13th and 14th" signs can therefore be listed as:

  • Ophiuchus (⛎) - The sign of Caliborn.
  • Cetus - No character uses this sign; however, the sign is named after a mythological monster of the same name that appears in Homestuck as a denizen.

The "Gold sign" displayed on Polypa's disguise

In Hiveswap Friendsim: Volume Five, Polypa Goezee initially appears disguised as a Goldblood, and as such bears a fake gold sign. This sign, consisting of two interlocking rings, does not appear in the known extended zodiac signs. It is unknown if this is because it is a sign from a larger troll sign library (of which the extended zodiac signs are only a part), or whether this sign is simply an original fabrication of Polypa and/or her associates. Marvus Xoloto and Ardata Carmia typically have appeared without their signs, as has Marsti Houtek in some circumstances; which implies that it is socially acceptable to be seen without a sign.

Additionally, the canon fan trolls have signs based on the constellations Perseus and Neptune, which do not appear in the extended Zodiac despite appearing in-comic, and a music team member's trollsona that appears in Hiveswap has a sign resembling a musical note. There is also a tealblooded troll in the Paradox Space comic "Stand-Up Room OnlyPXS icon​" with a unique sign, although it's similar to Liga.

Trivia Edit

  • The selection of Jade Signs that appear in Homestuck properSburb Logo show that at least part of the extended zodiac was completed as far back as in June 2015.
    • In fact, an "expanded zodiac" of troll signs was teased in a Hiveswap Kickstarter update on March 26, 2015, describing around 250 signs that had been made. As this lines up fairly exactly with the eventually released 288 sign extended zodiac, this probably means that the alphabet was fully realized at this point, albeit not to be publicly released for the following 2½ years.
    • Barzum and Baizli Soleil's matching signs, as well as designer Poinko's statement that they "Ran out of signs" for prototype designs, both imply that at least some Extended Zodiac signs were not designed until the Troll Call trolls were finalized.
  • The descriptions of the 12 signs of the classic zodiac found in the extended zodiac appeared to be more associated towards the Beta trolls and their ancestors, as opposed to their Alpha counterparts.
    • This is especially true for the signs of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces (the Sign of the Signless, the Sign of the Conquerer and the Sign of the Cleric, respectively), as their descriptions appear to be more accurate to Karkat, Vriska and Feferi and their respective ancestors, as opposed to Kankri (who would never grow up with the legacy of the Signless/Sufferer, or even a sign as Karkat did), Aranea (who for the most part was passive and harmless, if self-absorbed right until the very end) and Meenah (who rarely used her abilities as a Life player to heal others, unlike Feferi or even the Condesce).
    • This may indicate that the Extended Zodiac might only be relevant to Alternia and not Beforus.
  • One alternate suffix of note is -iborn, which is a corruption of -icorn (From Capricorn). This is especially of note since, within the context of the quiz, both -icorn and -iborn are assigned to Rage Players.
  • So far, there are no known Prospit-swayed Burgundy, Violet or Fuchsia-bloods.
  • The Troll Call trolls were not designed with specific signs in mind, as confirmed by Poinko.
  • True Cancer is the only sign ever to be worn by a troll it does not technically belong to.
  • The Extended Zodiac was written by primarily by Aysha U. Farah
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