Template documentation (for the above template, sometimes hidden or invisible)


To use this infobox, copy the following text onto the top of the desired page, filling in the appropriate information. Leaving out a parameter will remove it from the infobox.

|name            = [Defaults to the page title]
|image           = 
|imagewidth      = [Defaults to 250]
|caption         = 
|bg-color        = [Defaults to #e0e0e0]
|first           = 
|intro           = 
|player          = 
|consorts        = 
|denizen         = 
|game session(s) = 
|music           =
The planet's full name. Defaults to the title of the page the infobox is attached to.
File name of an image of the character. No need to precede it with "File:" - just the file name will do.
Sets the width of the image in pixels. Defaults to 250. There's no limit on width, but you should aim for as small as possible, as making the image too large for big characters such as the Black King will make the infobox take up too much space on the page. Setting a smaller size will resize the image and cause antialiasing, which doesn't look good for MSPA art, but it's often a necessary sacrifice.
Allows the use of the <tabber> tag to add multiple pictures, can be used for a single image. Replaces image and imagewidth.
Caption for the image.
The background color for the image section.
The number of the page on which the planet was formally named (e.g. HSZHHS icon, NOT HSZHHS icon).
Planets that don't have a naming page separate from their first appearance shouldn't use this parameter, and should use just "first" instead.
The first appearance of the planet. Mentions don't count, only an actual physical presence.
The planet's Sburb player.
The consorts that inhabit the planet.
The denizen that resides at the planet's core.
game session(s)
Any game sessions the planet has appeared in, starting with the first.
All of the songs that are themed around the planet.


{{Infobox Sburb Planet
|name = Land of Wind and Shade
|complex =
Default=[[File:LOWAS default.png|250px]]
|-|Fire=[[File:LOWAS on fire.png|250px]]
|-|Oilless=[[File:LOWAS clean.png|250px]]
|-|Cloudless=[[File:Cloudless LOWAS.png|250px]]
|first = 3052
|intro = 3258
|player = [[John Egbert]]
|consorts = [[Salamander]]s
|denizen = [[Typheus]]
|game session(s) = B1, B2
|music = {{Music|doctor-2|Doctor}}<br />
{{Music|savior-of-the-waking-world|Savior of the Waking World}}<br />
{{Music|shade|Shade}}<br />
{{Music|wind|Wind}}<br />
{{Music|pipeorgankind|Pipeorgankind}}<br />
{{Music|firefly-cloud|Firefly Cloud}}<br />

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